Editorial:GPA Bill Of Lading Scandal:SOS Singhatey Refuses To Be Stained by “thief Jammeh.” EDITORIAL GPA Bill Of Lading Scandal: SOS Singhatey Refuses To Be Stained By Jammeh! “Singhatey Ignores Corruption Complaints Since Jammeh himself is at the Center of the Scandal.” Singhatry seems to be more patriotic than Jammeh Former Trade Minister Edward Singhatey is seemingly frustrated by the government’s lack of interest to tackle graft. Edward was informed about the said “bill of lading” deal happening at our seaport, but for reasons best known to him he bothered not to intervene. On the other hand, Edward had good reasons not to act, since President Jammeh is behind must of these private racket firms in this country. Trying to pursue the case might cost him his job or life. The President’s finger prints are everywhere at the GPA. He named his own tribe men to head the GPA. Those involved in this bill of lading racketeering says they have the backing of the state house. Well time will tell. Gambia’s business industry is being grossly harmed by these few self-centered officials operating in the name of the President at the GPA. By the time, we realize the implications of such a fraud, it’s already too late in the day. Development is being hindered in the Gambia due to corruption. The government either legalizes corruption or tackles it. As the situation appears, there is no seriousness on the side of this administration to fight corruption. In Jammeh’s government, the few officials who chose not to join them in their looting spree are considered as “dafts” hopeless citizens. A sad state of affairs indeed. Corruption is no longer considered illegal in the Gambia, even though there are anti corruption laws put in place. It’s considered as a taboo to talk about corruption in some government offices. Bribery and Extortion is the order of the day. SOS Singhatey happens to be one of those being branded as hopeless today in Jammeh’s cabinet. Singhatey refuses to join them in their looting spree. Being one of the pioneers of the July 22ND coup, which toppled the 30 Years PPP rule, Edward is today reduced as a guest in this very government he constituted. Jammeh is today taking all the credits of the former junta, which seizes power illegally. Singhatey worked very hard to ensure that Baba Jobe was taken to prisons. It was during Singhatey’s watch that Yankuba Touray was fired, arrested and later brought before the Paul Commission on corruption related indictment. Jammeh hates to see a good worker in his cabinet. Guess what? He later resorted to re-hiring Yankuba Touray, who was branded as a “thief” by the Paul Commission. Touray was not only ordered to pay D3Million Dalasis he embezzled from the Gambia Tourism Authority, but was also told that his corrupt practices would be used as a lesson in our school system to save our future generation from such scams. The type person he is, Jammeh turned around backbiting Singhatey. Jammeh told a close associate that Singhatey mixed him with Baba, Yankuba Touray and others. He claimed to have been misled about the Youth Development Enterprise alleged scam by Singhatey and 13 Badjie. Before jailing Jobe, Jammeh told the nation that he owns YDE and he uses his own money to set up the company. Jammeh’s statement puts Edu and the police in a funny position. If the former Police IGP Landing 13 Badjie is reading us at this hour, today we shall shed light on the reason behind your sacking. Jammeh acted on information he received, which suggested that your very self and Edu conspired to frame Baba Jobe, thanks to Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay’s behind the scene moves. The President initially had in mind to fire both Edu and yourself, but was advised to refrain from sending Edu home since his brother Peter Singhatey was an officer in the army. The President up to this hour, is figuring ways and means of discarding Edu. In terms of honesty, Edu is more honest than Jammeh. Jammeh is a celebrated thief who trades on lies and falsehood. Having the likes of Edu in his cabinet is a big nightmare for him. No Ships at the GPA for Weeks! Our GPA, which used to be the bastion of hope for the African sub-region has been reduced to a ghost seaport. Local and international firms have redirected their businesses to Senegal. Most of the shipments, which used to come into this country are now going to Senegal. Senegal’s ports is booming these days. Hardly a week passes without a new vessel docking at their seaport. As a result of the hostile business climate in the Gambia, coupled with scarcity of basic commodities, many private businesses are forced to travel to Senegal to purchase some of these merchandise to serve their Gambian customers. In the past ,Senegalese do their shopping in the Gambia, but today is a different story all together. Gambians shopped in Dakar. Our import cover is declining by the minute and the hour. Many local stores are closing due to lack of sales. If the current economic crisis continues, there is high possibility of full blown national starvation. We may join Zimbabwe soon in terms of starvation and economic collapse. It’s time for Gambians to act now to save our country from political decadence. Our people don’t deserve such hardship. The GPA Bill Of Lading Scandal Needs To Be Investigated! Our good friend Bulfaaleh must be commended for doing a great job. Bulfaaleh’s piece is very revealing. President Jammeh should not blame Edu for not acting. Edu had lost faith into the system, it’s matter of time for him to hand over his resignation. Gambians are angry with Jammeh and not Edu. This is the man who enforced the so called Operation “No Compromise” which Jammeh later reduced as a laughing stock. Granted, Jammeh claimed that “Operation No Compromise” was his brain child, but why wasting millions of dalasis in setting up the Commissions only to mince your own promise to the Gambian people? Edu has done his bid by ensuring that those accused were brought before the Commissions during his tenure as a Trade Minister. Jammeh’s promise of no “scared cows” was a fat lie calculated to deceive Gambians. President Jammeh is creating the conditions for instability in this country. The GPA graft needs to be stopped now in the interest of national development. Corruption leads to instability and insecurity. We rest our case for now. All rights reserved. Copying or re-writing our pieces without the expressed permission of this leading paper is prohibited. News Organizations and Research institutions interested in using our pieces are free to contact the editor before culling our stories. Such organizations must also give credit to Freedom before using our materials. 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