Editorial:Gambian President Mad or what? Jammeh calls South African professor “an Idiot.”
Watching at  Jammeh’s Video footages currently displayed here at the Freedom Newspaper, one can conclude that the Gambia is  being ruled by an insane leader. Jammeh has demonstrated his mental deficiencies openly. Interestingly, the mad President admitted that “Africa is a dark continent” where all kinds  of  mysteries are documented. That Africa is a place where the unexpected happened. Interesting times indeed. Jammeh of all Jammeh is now telling the civilized world that Africa is a “gloomy continent“ where dictators like him oppresses its citizens in the name of aids cure. Jammeh’s aids cure is nothing but another hoax. “Welcome to Africa. This is Africa.” Jammeh charmingly told  the TV reporter. The reporter had no choice, but to drink Jammeh’s charms. Jammeh did not stop at that, he renewed his hate messages against his critics. He branded a South African leading  professor who earlier doubted his aids cure claims story as an “idiot.” The tapes are here to confirm Jammeh’s assertions. The Gambian leader also accuses the South African professor of “spreading aids.” on the continent. Jammeh believes that the professor was an idiot who should not be listened to in the first place. Jammeh also went on to brag about his Scientific knowledge. He said the professor lacks the moral authority to question his aids cure.  Further exposing his madness, Jammeh also insulted a baby who merely vomited his “juju” known as charms. This is an  innocent baby who could not withstand Jammeh’s dirty drugs. It’s about time the UN and the civilized world to intervene before this  mentally handicapped President claim the lives of our aids patients. Most of these patients attended by Jammeh are yet to recover. They often  complain about stomach pain and constant headaches.

Jammeh’s interview was a bad publicity for the Gambia and her people. As rightly alluded to by the reporter, the Gambian President has reduced our country as a “Laughing stock” to the world. Very true. The Gambia is today perceived as a “backward country” where a lunatic President is holding our people onto ransom. Who in his right mind would buy this fake story of Jammeh’s aids cure? Not even Jammeh’s own daughter baby Mariam Jammeh. It makes no sense. It’s unfortunate that Jammeh madness is driving him into the health field, an area he had no experience. Having  B or C grade in Biology or Science don’t make one a Medical Scientist. Jammeh is a joke!!

We must commend the international media for documenting Jammeh’s mad activities. From now on, the Freedom Newspaper would be playing live videos of Jammeh’s  activities-be it political, economic, cultural, health or  other human interesting stories. GRTS staffers are free to sell their videos to us. We have good commissions for video tapes. Insiders who supplied video footages to us would be protected. Momodou Sanyang can even help us on this new drive to expose mad Jammeh?  On a serious note, we have loyal insiders at the GRTS who shall always answer to our call at any given situation. These insiders hate every aspect of Yahya Jammeh. Gambians who had interesting videos to share are also free to contact us.

As we grow as a media outlet, we thought it necessary to expand our coverage. We are now in multimedia. With our dedicated engineers, we are able to provide you with live video footages here at  Freedom. Let  keep our fingers across. There are more things coming down the line. This paper has a vision and we must accomplish our vision God willing. We are determined to meet your needs and expectations.

Gambians within and outside the country are embarrassed by Jammeh’s low life. People can hardly find explanation for  his maroon behavior. This is not the type of President we want for our country. Jammeh has lowered the image of the Presidency to zero. He has proven to the world that he is a sick President who needs urgent help. We are going back to the days of President Idi Amen of Uganda. Jammeh is following the footsteps of Idi. He wants to surprise people all the time. Idi was more stable than Jammeh mentally. That’s the difference between the two.

The Nigerian High Commissioner and Head of the Diplomatic Core was right when she insisted that Jammeh should allow aids researchers outside the Gambian frontiers to come in and  gauge his naked lies and deception campaign. Madam High Commissioner was bold enough to speak her mind, unlike the Cuban Ambassador who was only interested to settle old scores with the West. The Cuban Ambassador clearly demonstrated his dishonest and hypocritical stance when he tried to justify Jammeh’s aids cure. Gambians were the least surprise by the Ambassador’s statement, considering his country’s desperate moves to provoke America and other Western countries.

The Ambassador got it all wrong. Jammeh cannot cure aids. Period. Is Jammeh free of hiv? Has Jammeh been tested since his so called aids cure? He should lead by example. He should be tested first before he could cure other people. Jammeh himself is afraid of hiv. Why using those gloves if you have cure for aids? Why the gloves Mr. President? It’s evident that you are lying. A pathological liar for that matter. A man who have cure for aids would never use gloves. Perhaps, you are hiding something from Gambians, which would soon come to light.

Interestingly, the people interviewed by the reporter at the Wow night club were all foreigners, mainly from Sierra Leone and Nigeria. There was no single Gambian among them. In fact, there are reports suggesting that some of the people paraded as aids patients were never infected in the first place. They are government militants bribed with few dalasis to fake the public. Jammeh survives on deception. The time has come for Gambians to reclaim their destiny from this sick leader. Our country is not moving in terms of development. Before thinking about development, Jammeh should take care of his sickness. He is sick for real. The aids cure that never was. Jammeh needs help. His madness is blowing out of proportion.

Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, June 20, 2007)
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