Fisheries Minister Yankuba Touray is running everywhere trying to impress President Jammeh. Touray has realized his much anticipated dream of becoming a Fisheries  Minister in The Gambia. Touray’s plan is to rip off the Ministry before his final fall. He is making private contacts at this hour to issue fishing licenses to people close to him. The Fisheries Department is being seen as an easy area to get rich over night. This is the Department which handles fishing licenses and illegal fishing in our waters. In some instances, Chinese trawlers caught by the National Navy fishing in our waters are let go by the said Ministry after the accused persons handed millions of dalasis to the authorities concerned. The graft is a well coordinated one. The Minister has his own contacts at the Navy. Monies collected from foreign trawlers are usually shared among  Navy  and Fisheries Department officials.

We have seen instances where local magistrates were also bribed to kill cases involving illegal fishing. The case of Nigerian magistrate Inyang is still fresh in our minds.We are not being judgmental here, but the fact of the matter is that Yankuba Touray has named as one of Gambia’s most corrupt Ministers by the government funded Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice Paul. Paul’s Commission report is available to authenticate our claim. It makes no sense for the President to appoint a thief like Yankuba Touray to head such an important Department of State. As the saying goes”send a thief” to catch a thief. Yanks who is expected to live up to his oath will no doubt betray the confidence reposed on him by the Commander-in-chief and the Gambian people. The man is used to stealing. A former poor military lieutenant has erected a multi million dalasis villa in Kotu. Yanks is also a shareholder of some of the private business entities in the impoverished West African country, our findings revealed.

We received inside and credible information from reliable sources at the Finance Ministry indicating that Yanks is a business partner to  Lang Conteh. While serving as a Local government Minister some years ago, Touray uses his office to evict an European businessman who had a Restaurant around the BB Hotel. These were the days when Touray, Baba Jobe and Lang used to hang out. Touray and Lang later demolished the said Restaurant. They seized the European property and turned it to be their personal asset.

President Jammeh is making the biggest mistake by entrusting the Fisheries Department to Yankuba Touray. The likes of Touray should not get closer to  Departments where revenue is generated. It appears that the President is legalizing corruption in our country. A very sad state of affairs. Once a thief, always a thief. The President stands to be accused of looting our nation’s coffers by re-hiring Ministers whose credibility is questionable at this hour. Touray is a political liability to our country.

We know for a fact that the President hates Edward Singhateh because the man is not joining them in their looting spree. With all the past atrocities associated with Singhateh by his fallen colleagues like Sana Bairo Sabally, the government is yet to tell us where Singhateh owns a property in the Gambia. We do know for a fact that his brother Peter Singhateh has a house in Abuko, but for Edu we are yet to be told where his assets are situated. In as much as, we are opposed to President Jammeh’s repressive policies, if Ministers like Touray including Jammeh followed the foot steps of EDU, our country would not have been in such a mess economically today.

President Jammeh uses Singhateh to enforce his so called “Operation, NO Compromise” only to back out at the eleven hour. Today, Singhateh has been reduced as a spectator in a government he created through illegal means. His functions has been curtailed drastically by the President.

Singhateh has the option to resign if he is not comfortable with the current state of affairs. What’s evident is that he is dining with people whose objective is to rip off the country before their final fall. We are not trying to depict at this hour that Singhateh is good man. What we are saying is that the President is a hypocrite who is bent on mixing his cabinet. The same President Jammeh appointed Edu as Trade Minister to enforce his “Operation, No Compromise.” In the process of cleaning Jammeh’s dirty cabinet, Yanks Touray was arrested and later sacked. Yanks still harbored grudges against Edu. He believes that Edu was behind his arrest.

For the President to win the respect of his colleagues, he should be real at all times. He don’t expect people to take him seriously if he is flip-flopping on a daily basis. The case of Edu should serve as a lesson to his junglers or hit squad operatives. Jammeh is not consistent at all. He can use you today, the next day he will disown you. Ministers serving Jammeh’s government should uphold the constitution and stick their oaths. All those linked to stealing, abuse of office and killing would be brought to book one day. Let justice guide our actions. We hope the fisheries workshop would come out with recommendations to tackle official graft at the said Department of state. Corruption is tearing our country apart. Lets fight it.

Posted on Wednesday, November 08, 2006 (Archive on Tuesday, December 26, 2006)
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