President Yahya Jammeh got it all wrong when he resorted to instigating the firing of  the two Daily Observer reporters, because of their alleged move to doubt or question his ability to cure HIV, the virus that causes Aids. The Observer, which has been propagating and promoting Jammeh’s lies on Aids cure are today victims of the dictatorship. Two of its leading reporters, have been fired because of their coverage of the President’s new found cure for HIV. The President was not happy with the questions fired to him by the two reporters Messrs Ebrima Jaw Manneh and Lamin Dibba regarding his so called mandate to cure HIV and asthma. The poor reporters have been sent home without a job. Their years of loyalty to the paper and the dictatorship have gone into the drains.This is why it’s important for journalists to assert their independence at all times despite one’s political affiliation. It’s now clear that the Daily Observer belongs to the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. The State House remote controlled what goes into that paper. It also decides who should be hired, fired and disciplined.

There is no amount of censorship the Observer can employ without us rattling their cage. We have succeeded in recruiting correspondents in their midst who are tasked to  monitor and report developments unfolding at the paper. Saja Taal and Mam Sait Ceesay would be surprised about how we got the story on the sacking of Ebrima Jaw Manneh and Lamin Dibba. Our correspondent handles important assignments at the Observer and had vowed to pledge his loyalty to the Freedom Newspaper come what may. Taal and Ceesay are enjoying to today, but should bear in mind that a day would come they would be held accountable for the lies, humiliation and persecution they have exposed our country’s local journalists-especially poor Observer reporters to.

As far we are concerned, there is nothing wrong for the sacked reporters to doubt or question Jammeh’s ability to cure Aids. The bottomline is that Jammeh cannot cure Aids. He is a liar who wants to mystify himself to Gambians and the world at large. We are pleased to note that Yahya Jammeh has reduced the Presidency to a laughing stock. The Gambian Presidency has been reduced to nothing. It’s a joke. What we have is a mad President playing with sound minds. This is unfair. We must end this madness come what may.

We invite our dear reader to click on this BBC Radio link where the Freedom Newspaper is being quoted on Jammeh’s fake cure for HIV/Aids.The said piece was featured on their weekend network Africa Program. Thanks to our Banjul Correspondent we were able to know about the BBC program on Jammeh. Here is the link: Please enjoy.

Claims by Gambian President Yahyah Jammeh that he can cure Aids with the laying-on of hands, cause Olushambles and Kibarkingmad a great deal of amusement.

We are glad that our good work is being recognized by leading broadcasting institutions like the BBC. Many Gambians at home emailed the Editor expressing their joy on the BBC’S move to quote this leading paper despite Jammeh’s attempts to block its IP address in that West African country. What Jammeh fails to realize is that the Freedom Newspaper is well connected and there is no amount of cyber terror he can employ to cow us down. We are well read and  well accessed. Other international media outlets also uses Freedom to source their stories. Our media project for the Gambia is intended for the public good and there is no turning back on what we have already started here at Freedom. Independent journalism must exist in the Gambia.

Jammeh’s claims for Aids cure interest the world,  based on many folds. One, the mere fact that such an announcement came from a President, who is expected to be a role model on the global fight to tackle Aids, came as a  big surprise to many decent minds.Two, many people pursuing the story questioned Jammeh’s IQ as a normal human being. They believe that Jammeh was either mad or was on the verge of going mad. And we agree entirely with such skeptics. Jammeh is far from being okay. He is sick for real.

By this Editorial, we ask media watch dogs such as the Reporters Without Borders, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), IFEX and other press freedom bodies to join us in condemning Mr.Jammeh’s latest attempts to victimize local journalists in the name of Aids cure. We firmly believe that Citizens are entitled to their God given rights to free expression, especially on controversial issues relating to fake Aids cure coming from a President. The Gambian Government is not a respecter of press freedom. It’s hell bent on silencing and intimidating the private and the public media.

On a final note, we want to reaffirm our position on Jammeh’s Aids cure. It’s a mere hoax designed to mislead, misinform and undermine the country’s efforts in tackling HIV/Aids. Shame on  to Dr.Taal, Mam Sait Ceesay and all those spreading Jammeh’s lies of the Century. Our people don’t deserve such lies and cheap propaganda. We salute the BBC for pursuing the truth. There are other International media houses also working day and night to counter the Daily Observer and GRT’S lies. A buried truth shall rise again. We rest our case.

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oluwatope alabi ( abuja nigeria ) said,
in December 3rd, 2008 at 6:36 am

no matter how affrican leaders tries to cure our ailments they will only be able to do so if they are passionately sincere to us but the moment they disguise themselves and people av to doubt them then they shall not be able to do such is what we witnessed in pres jammeh

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