Editorial: Suwaibou Conateh’s Patriotism is Questionable!!Jammeh ought to have been awarded as Africa’s leading genocidal perpetrator

We still stand by our position on the fake award given to Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh. We remain unapologetic. Suwaibou Conateh should consider quitting journalism, as he has lost the respect and admiration of The Gambian Community. He has failed miserably as a journalist. The said award given to Yahya Jammeh would hunt him for the rest of his life. Gambians will never forgive Mr. Conateh for his dishonest and unethical act by trying to portray Africa’s serial killer Yahya Jammeh as a good man. Our hearts are bleeding heavily at this hour. We are yet to recover from such a rude shock coming from supposedly a so called doyen of Gambian journalism. We felt betrayed and scarf iced by Suwaibou Conateh.

The same Suwaibou Conateh went to the State House some years ago to receive Ramadan sugar gift from Yahya Jammeh. He lured some old guard journalists to meet the President with the sole expectation of receiving favors from him. Conateh should come out in the open and tell Gambians his side of the story. Hiding in the name of award to deceive and mislead our people is unacceptable. Gambians know who you are. You are nothing but a fake. An old journalist who compromised his principles for the sake of personal aggrandizement.

As we told one of Suwaibou’s loved ones the other day, the issue at hand is beyond friendship. The Gambia is bigger than Suwaibou Conateh. We don’t mind to be damned for speaking our mind on such an important national matter. The interest of The Gambia supersedes personal interest.

The year 2007 was a bad and horrible year for The Gambia and her people. Yahya Jammeh committed untold atrocities against The Gambian population. For Suwaibou Conateh to paint criminal Jammeh as a good man, is the height of hypocrisy and professional dishonesty on his side.

Jammeh and his supporters have nothing to rejoice over because the award was not a hard earned one. It came from an unreliable source whose journalistic credentials has been shattered for good. Mr. Conateh has proven to be undependable as a journalist. He is not to be trusted at all. He is more of a Check Book Journalist than a true journalist.

For his information, Gambians from all political persuasions believe that Conateh was bribed to issue such an award. That he is being used by a desperate and falling regime to sell their battered image abroad.

Jammeh has hired the wrong lobbyist. Suwaibou Conateh is insignificant in the eyes of the International Community. His award to Jammeh cannot influence or change the world’s perception toward Jammeh of The Gambia. The Gambia is a rogue state under the leadership of heartless and ruthless dictator.

Very few people in the outside world knows about the existence of the News and Report Magazine. The paper’s circulation is low compared to the Freedom Newspaper, the Point and the Foroyaa Newspaper. Very few Gambians buy his paper. The paper is full of stale news items.

Mr. Conateh’s paper is not on the worldwide web. Jammeh don’t see his paper as a serious Newspaper that can rattle his cage. The News and Report is not a Magazine as claimed. It is published in the form of A 4 size white paper. It does not have the flavor of a real Newspaper or Magazine.

Mr. Conateh has been grossly under paying Free Lance Journalists working for his paper. These poor reporters sat for months before they are paid. He likes to use people for cheap labor. Ask the Nigerian, Ghanaian and other Gambian journalists, they will tell you their individual stories.

During our leadership as Gambia Press Union Executive Members, Conateh has always been hiding under the fence during Executive meetings. He never hides his support for Jammeh. Each time we planned to take to the streets to demonstrate against the draconian media laws put in place by the Government, he would speak out against such moves. A coward journalist for that matter.

The unprecedented reaction against the Yahya Jammeh’s fake award would serve as an opener to other so called media organizations hiding in the name of journalism to mislead the Gambian public. Gambians from all walks of life have spoken against Suwaibou Conateh’s misguided action to award Jammeh the Man of the year. Well done Gambians. This is what it takes to be a true Gambian. We must safeguard this country from enemies like Suwaibou Conateh. Their patriotism is questionable. They claimed to be patriotic by mouth, but in practical terms, they are far from being patriotic. True Patriots don’t give out awards to tyrants and monsters like Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh ought to have been awarded Africa’s leading genocidal perpetrator and not Man of The year. Shame on Suwaibou Conateh. He has betrayed his country. We rest our case.


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