Editorial: A Sad Day For Taiwan- Is Jammeh Trying Woe Main Land China?……Gambia attaches more importance to China’s Goods than Taiwanese. NAWEC Generators Purchased From Main Land China.

Authorities in Taiwan should be weary of Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh never keeps his promise and that his claim that the Gambia will never betray Taiwan was just a mere empty rhetoric calculated to deceive the Islanders. Jammeh survives on betrayal and lies. He is not a man of words. Jammeh uses nations like Taiwan to pursue his unfinished “get rich or die” slogan. Taiwanese should be cautious in the way and manner they patronize Africa’s most corrupt leader.

While global diplomacy is based on truth, economic partnership, respect for each other’s sovereignty and safeguarding other bilateral issues reached between state parties, in the case of Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh his relationship with Taiwan was purely personal and not public.

From 1994 to date, Mr.Jammeh had been receiving millions of dollars worth of Checks from the Islanders, but had never attempted at any given time to disclose such state gifts extended to the Gambia publicly. Taiwan’s financial assistance extended to the impoverished nation of The Gambia should not be concealed by the leadership. Jammeh should declare such gifts for the sake of accountability and transparency. Patriotic leaders would never sought to hide financial gifts extended to their citizens. They took pride of sharing and announcing such gestures with the populace.

It’s unfair for this administration to blackmail Taiwan in the name of securing them seat at the UN. Jammeh knows he is not capable of admitting Taiwan to the UN.

In the first place, the Gambia lacks voice at the UN. The Gambia under Yahya Jammeh’s watch has lost its respect, values and sovereignty as a nation. Jammeh is operating in the name of The Gambia to enrich himself. Taiwanese funds that are meant to uplift the livelihood of poverty stricken Gambians is being swindled into private bank accounts overseas. Jammeh is richer than the Gambian state. Thanks to Taiwan, Jammeh is living in flamboyant life today.

Taiwan is wasting its money and resources on The Gambia. The current leadership is insensitive to your plight. All they cared for is to line their pockets with dollars and nothing else. If they tell you that they are working for your admission to the UN is a fat lie. How can an isolated and dump President like Yahya Jammeh secure you seat at the UN? The Gambia is irrelevant as long as decision making is concerned at the UN.

The Jammeh administration must work very hard to put their house in order before making failed promises. The Gambia is not better than Taiwan anyway.

While Taiwan wants third world countries to market its image at the UN, The Gambia too is in a dire need of international recognition. What the Islanders failed to realize is that Gambia’s appalling rights records is hunting it internationally. The Jammeh Government’s lacks legitimacy in the eyes of the Civilized world. It cannot sell Taiwan’s image at the UN.

Taiwan should consider solidifying diplomatic ties with countries who can initiate major political decisions at the UN and not the Gambia. Taiwanese need the billions you are wasting on such useless and misplaced ventures. We call it a waste venture because it makes no sense to use bad leaders like Jammeh of the Gambia to bargain on your behalf at the UN.

One thing Taiwan should realize is that Yahya Jammeh has no permanent friend, but permanent interest. He has already started manifesting his betrayal schemes against Taiwan.

We all know that Taiwan and Main Land China are arch rivals. To expose Jammeh’s diplomatic hypocrisy, why is that the Gambia is attaching more importance to China’s products than Taiwanese? Jammeh alongside with his Lebanese so called investors recently purchased used generators from Main Land China. This is yet another sign or insincerity on the side of Jammeh.

Taiwan had in the past helped this Government with generators. But for reasons best known to him, Jammeh is having secret talks with Chinese authorities at this hour. Perhaps, he wants to shift diplomatic ties. Jammeh want it all and is likely to lose all.

Neighboring Senegal has been receiving a lot of help from Main Land China. President Wade has been announcing financial gestures he received from China. There are numerous Chinese projects in Dakar.

Jammeh being the greedy President he is, thought that by purchasing the said generators from China through the help of Muhammed Bazzi, he can woe the attention of the Chinese authorities. This is the height of hypocrisy. That’s why we said from the onset that there is lack of political sincerity between Taiwan and The Gambia.

As Taiwanese continues to be isolated, with little hope of getting admitted into the global body, Taipei should not be surprised if Jammeh announces to restore bilateral ties with Main Land China. That day is coming. Jammeh is not the type to be underestimated at all. He is capable of doing anything. He likes surprises and would caught the Islanders by surprise.

Lebanon had always used Main Land China as a trade gateway. Most of their goods are purchased from China. With Lebanese investors hijacking Gambia’s major economic nerves such as GAMTEL, GIA, GAMCEL and NAWEC, Taiwan is rest assured that these investors would lure Jammeh into major political decisions that might upset Taipei.

Already, they have started using Main Land China as their shopping Centre. This means a lot diplomatically speaking. Taiwan deserves better. It takes two to tango. If Taiwan is willing to fill Jammeh’s pockets with dollars, we expect the authorities in Banjul to exhibit political sincerity in their relationship with Taiwan. Jammeh is a betrayer. Taiwan should revisit its check book diplomacy with The Gambia.

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