If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Took a stroll on over to House Democrats dot gov today, and it’s always an enjoyable trip. As I read line after line, paragraph after paragraph, I could hear House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi whispering to the website editors in the background.

The gist of the page is what’s wrong with the economy, and how the Democratic Party plans to fix it, or “jump start” it, to use Pelosi’s words. She has consistently made the point as of late that “unemployment is at the highest level in 10 years”.Unemployment, today, is at 4.6%. Ten years ago, when coincidently, William Jefferson Clinton caroused in the Oval Office, unemployment was at… 4.6% Of course at that time 4.6% wasn’t considered high, it was more likely to be held up as a good thing, as in 95.4% ’employment’. Almost everyone was working, and life was good. So what was good is now bad, if I follow that right.

The Plan promises a tax cut for the middle class, as well as a higher minimum wage. Have you ever noticed that whenever minimum wage is increased, the price of a soft drink also goes up at the 7/11? Any meager tax cut at all [and don’t think it would be big] would be offset by higher prices if the two proposals go hand in hand, which would bring us back to square one.

The Plan also offers $32 billion in tax relief for small business, and a $2400 tax credit to any employer hiring someone who has been out of work for at least 6 months. I can see employment applications being tossed in the trash for anyone who has been out of work less than that, but that’s beside the point.

$32 billion divided by $2400 equals over 13 million jobs.

8 million people are now out of work. How many of that number can work, and how many really want to work? 4.5 million other people work part time. Put the 8 and the 4.5 together, and you have 12.5 of the 13 million new jobs being promised. In other words, virtually 0% unemployment. A pretty lofty goal, it seems.

There are about 4 million federal employees in this country. How many of those will lose their jobs if everybody goes to work? There won’t be that many government programs to administer, so they won’t need all those people to administer them. The Plan does extend unemployment benefits though, so I guess 0% unemployment isn’t planned on after all, and all those government jobs are quite safe.

Other than unemployment, let’s look at the rest of the economy, and see how business is doing today, and how things have progressed during those 10 years Ms. Pelosi makes reference to. A good standard indicator for the business climate as a whole has always been the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow, in 1966, was just over 6000. Today it’s pushing 12,000. It seems to me that speaks for itself.

Since I mentioned the word ‘climate’, what about global as opposed to business? The Plan promises [promises] complete energy independence for the United States in the next 10 years. Energy… independence… guess that means independent of… everything… no oil or gas or any other energy source imported for any reason. Now that’s a trick I’d really like to see.

Let’s face it, the Democratic Party has had a long love affair with government programs. It’s how they ‘take care’ of us. The programs cost money, and that money comes from higher taxes. Always has, and always will. Sure, we complain about taxes, but internationally speaking, our tax rate is fairly low, and that, somehow, always tends to breed a good econonmy. In countries where taxes are high, the economy is at best sluggish, and more often than not, in the toilet. The bottom line is profit for any business, big or small. Yes, there are some giant corporations that do take advantage, but for the most part, profitable businesses grow and hire more, and that is how you keep people working.

Reference: HouseDemocrats.gov

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Reprinted from Exit 4

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