eBay and auction sites are found to have HOT merchandise being sold on them too frequently (my opinion). I ran across a story in the Register, written by Dan Goodin, where two eBay customers cracked a $412,000 fraud case being committed against QVC.

As reported by Dan Goodin:

A woman has pleaded guilty to fleecing the QVC home-shopping networking of more than $412,000 by exploiting a gaping hole in its website that allowed her to receive merchandise without paying for them.

Quantina Moore-Perry ordered handbags, jewelry and electronics and then immediately canceled the transactions. The flaw allowed the North Carolina woman to take delivery of more than 1,800 items without being billed. Moore-Perry would then sell the booty on eBay, according to the Associated Press, which cited authorities.

I wonder if QVC offered a reward to the two eBay shoppers, who discovered this flaw in their system?

This would also make me wonder if this woman was the only one who has defrauded QVC in this manner?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the sale of stolen merchandise on eBay and other auction sites. I’ve heard that some companies now have a dedicated person in their security departments to watch these sites for stolen merchandise.

Register story, here.

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