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It must disapoint … nay, crush the elites at BBC to have to put up stuff like this. All that anti-American, anti-Bush Euro-snob rhetoric shoveled by the BBC over the past several years has been for naught. In the end, Iraqis and Americans are proving that Hope, coupled with iron determination at the point of a gun wins every time. In the end, freedom loving people working together … and killing bad guys … wins the day.

Here’s to the Iraqi people:

We used to receive about 10-15 injuries and five to 10 bodies overnight – caused by bombs or bullets.

The numbers have dropped to about two or three injuries a night and maybe just one body – or none.

Sounds like Vancouver General!

Some of the streets which were previously closed because of bombings and insecurity are open again.

Some people have returned to the houses they left when their area became dangerous.

Hope springs eternal … except among utopian Liberals that is!

Today I was in Mansour district and I saw something new.

It used to be really dangerous – but today people were out shopping and they looked different, more relaxed.

… I was on the Syria-Iraqi border filming for a few days recently. During this time I could see up to 50 coaches a day coming back from Syria. The people on board told me they felt it was safe enough to return – and they wanted to get back to their lives.

Never forget … never ever forget that American Democrats want to pull American troops out … NOW. With a sea-change taking place, with Iraqis joining in the fight, with peace just around the corner, Liberals crave failure.

Liberals crave failure.

Ask yourself why.

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