In Third-world Britain, getting your garbage collected can be quite a hassle

The following email was sent to me by a lady who has recently taken up residence in a small town in New Zealand:

“Another thing I want to mention was about our garbage collection. Our wheelie bin is collected each Thursday morning and Simon and I managed to fill it to the brim with the lid poking up over the top.

We unfortunately slept in on Thursday and didn’t get the bin out in time so it wasn’t collected. We thought we would just leave it there anyway and deal with the rubbish later.

At about 4pm that afternoon the rubbish truck sped past then noticed our bin and reversed back to our house and emptied it!! We were amazed! How nice. We really are living in the country when you get service like that.”

Picture below of the lady concerned enjoying the sunshine with her baby beside her local New Zealand river

Why do people stay in a messed-up place like Britain?

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