News Item:
Activists want to replace beef with kangaroos

Green Peace… you’ve heard of them of course.  They’re that fiesty little group that makes headlines by trying to save us from ourselves, though they’re not really that little group we all picture in our minds, those brave souls in the tiny boats protecting the whales.  Green Peace has actually grown into a multi-million dollar corporation, larger than most of the corporations it protests, but that’s a whole other story.

The story today is Global Warming, and cows.  Fat cows.  Bloated cows.  Cows that eat way too much, and fart a lot.  Seems it’s finally dawned on the Greenies that the largest producers of methane on the earth are not big nasty belching smokestakes, but big nasty belching [and farting] cows, quietly grazing in the field.

The Green Peace solution?
Get rid of the cows, stop eating beef.
Chow down on some kangaroo instead.

I know some of you out there still think we make this stuff up,
but we don’t… really… honest…

News Source: Herald Sun

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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