It’s not that hard to protect your home. In less than 30 minutes, you can install a strong lock, like a Schlage, to fit common prepped doors and you only need a screwdriver.

Ever install a door lock? There are certain activities in life that everyone should know how to do. Change a tire, give CPR, perform self-defense, swim, and change a lock. All of these things revolve around safety and security, and I’m betting you know how to do maybe two or three out of the five. (P.S. – if you know all five, then you are awesome!)

Knowing how to DIY a lock change isn’t entirely necessary, as you can always get someone else to it for you. (In my own life I can count at least a handful of times when someone called me to change locks in an emergency situation whether due to losing keys or a bad roommate situation) But why go through all the time of finding someone and maybe even a significant expense if you can do it yourself in less than 30 minutes – sometimes even in less than 15?! Today’s doors are pre-fit with all the necessary holes, so all you have to do is assemble the lock in place. Rarely will you need to retrofit or drill additional holes. When installing, most locks require two to four screws and you’re done! It’s the simple!

Installation instructions are always included in new lock packaging, with detailed examples of all the parts and how to put them together. Videos such as this one for Schlage’s Keypad Entry Lock, show exactly how to install a new lock.

More videos and installation instructions for Schlage’s strong locks can be found here.

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