The environmental movement has come a long way in the past few decades. Environmentalists were viewed as a bunch of aging tree loving hippies with strange ideas. Now, environmental issues are at the forefront of the news, global warming, pollution, waste, and the misuse of natural resources, to name but a few.

I do not claim to be the best person in the world, I use plastic bags when I go to the store, and the very nature of my job (reviewer) means that my house is full of needless packaging, foam chips, plastic containers, shipping boxes, and padded envelopes, all of which at some point will likely end up in a land fill. But, I do try to mainly avoid the dark side. My carbon footprint is less than average. I am a big believer in the three R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

In a bizarre coincidence this morning before I even realized that today is Earth Day I published a book review, The Lazy Environmentalist On A Budget by Josh Dorfman. This book should be on everyones reading list, it is a practical guide to what the little guy can do to help. One of the most common statements I hear from people is ‘what can I do, I am just one person’. Well it is ‘just one person’ that can make all of the difference.

Do something good today, it doesn’t have to be anything huge, just take a small step and celebrate Earth Day. Instead of driving the half of a mile to the convenience store, walk. It will take you 10 minutes, you will save gas, and you will get a little cardio workout, these are all good things. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Or maybe, don’t throw your soda can in the trash, recycle it instead.

Personally I would recommend that you go to Amazon and order a copy of Josh’s book, it is crammed with interesting, and more importantly, cheap ways that we can all help the environment.

Simon Barrett

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