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Maria Elena Gonzalezs a broadcast journalist and has been working as a tech writer for almost three years. During this time, her work has been published by companies like TechAccute, Trip University, and Entrepreneur.

In 2020, many companies have started to offer schedule flexibility as remote work has proven to increase workers’ job satisfaction and companies’ productivity. During the coronavirus lockdown, remote workers played an essential role in helping companies move forward. Hence, working from home became the new standard.

Many people still prefer 9-to-5 jobs, but if you’re hesitating between quitting or keeping your current job, these signs will help you make your decision. They will help you identify what kind of job best fits your needs and what’s vital to stay competitive these days.

Spending Time at the Office Makes You Feel Like You’re in Prison

For some people, working in front of a desk is all they want. Still, spending too much time working inside an office might make you want to have some fresh air. At first, working in a little cubicle may seem pretty cool. But, if you no longer wish to stay in a prison-like office, you should consider talking to your boss. Ask for a flexible schedule that allows deciding when to go to the office and when to work from home.

Feeling trapped at the workplace will affect your performance and might make you lose motivation. In that case, you won’t give the company what it needs, and you’ll be on the right path to frustration. If there’s no chance of getting a remote position, don’t wait to write a resignation letter. Nowadays, many companies are offering remote jobs, and I can guarantee that you won’t regret taking the leap.

You Seek to Pursue a Passion

Most of the time, 9-to-5 jobs don’t allow employees to pursue a passion. For example, taking swimming lessons or piano classes at 4:00 pm won’t be possible as you have to stay in the office. Following passions allow you to relax and keep a positive attitude. Consequently, your work performance will increase, and finding solutions instead of problems will be no challenge.

If you seek to pursue a passion, but your work schedule is a barrier, talk to your boss and see if you can make a schedule that fits your needs. If your boss nor the company cares about your personal goals or requirements, you should consider looking for a new job.

You Have No Time to Develop Your Skills

In 2020, developing your skills is a must to stay in the competition. If you can’t develop your skills at your current job and there’s no chance of getting professional development, you must start a new job search. Sometimes, companies don’t offer benefits to help workers develop their skills. And because of the schedule, they have no time to learn new skills.

If you have no time for skills development, talk to your boss and tell them what you need. Don’t hesitate to ask for tuition reimbursement benefits. They have allowed many workers to enroll in coding bootcamps to learn coding skills and stay relevant. If there’s no way to fix the problem, there’s nothing to do more than leaving. Otherwise, you may be left behind, and getting a new job will be more challenging.

If your lack of skills stops you from getting a remote position, don’t hesitate to join vocational schools like Thinkful. They allow students not only to get equipped with in-demand programming skills but to learn from experts in the field.

You Want to Improve Your Wellness

If your 9-to-5 schedule is stopping you from improving your wellness, quit ASAP. Having a good work-life balance is essential to achieve happiness in life. For that reason, you need a job that provides you with on-site gym classes or free time to exercise regularly. Consider applying for a career in companies like Samsung or Google. Don’t forget that exercising enables you to keep a healthy lifestyle and reduce your stress levels.

You Want to Be Your Own Boss

If you don’t like being told what to do and you seek to be your own boss, then a 9-to-5 definitely isn’t for you. Don’t keep a job you don’t like. It can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Applying for a remote job will solve the problem.

Another good alternative to get a remote job or becoming your own boss is making a career change. Becoming a full stack developer, for example, will allow you to apply for projects as a freelancer on sites like Upwork.


If you identify with any of these signs, there’s no doubt that a 9-to-5 job isn’t for you. Don’t stay in a position that makes you feel frustrated or uncomfortable. Many companies are concerned about workers’ job satisfaction. Thus, leaving your current job and applying for remote positions is the best decision you can make. If meeting employers’ requirements is an uphill battle, you should invest time and money in education. This will make your job search much more comfortable.

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