Health authorities have confirmed that they are examining the possibility of wild pigs being the cause of the E.coli found in spinach last month. The E.coli outbreak left 204 people sick in 26 states and killed at least three people.

Authorities have also announced that samples of bacteria collected from one ranch in California’s Salinas Valley appear to match the strain found in the fresh-bagged spinach as well as the human “isolates” from the outbreak.

Dr. Kevin Reilly, deputy director of the prevention services division for the California Department of Health Services, said, “We have not closed any possibilities on three other [nearby] ranches, but the information is accumulating that our environmental findings are consistent on this one property.”

Mercury News reports that the wild pigs may have directly wandered onto the spinach fields’ courtesy the broken down fences around the property. Reilly said that they had evidence of pigs breaching the fences designed to protect the fields. But he did not elaborate on whether the pigs would be hunted down and shot.

Meanwhile the FDA has again stressed that spinach is safe for consumption again. However consumers seem to be wary and have stayed away from leafy greens hitting farmers very badly.

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