U.F.O's At The Zoo - The Legendary Concert In Oklahoma City (MVI Album) From the opening sequence of the concert - an enormous spaceship descending in a cloud of smoke and lights to release the band on stage, with singer Wayne Coyne revealed atop the silver craft in a giant plastic bubble preparing to roll down a ramp and into the audience – it’s clear that this is not your typical rock concert. No, my friends. This is epic. This is the kind of concert they’ll be watching in 2025 and saying “Man, why don’t we have concerts like that anymore?”

But The Flaming Lips have always been known for their larger-than-life, whimsical, colorful, unbeatable live performances; only now they’re finally releasing footage onto DVD for the millions of rabid Lips fans that have been demanding it for years. And it was well worth the wait.

Filmed on location at the Oklahoma City Zoo in Coyne’s home town of Oklahoma City, this is a concert for the record books. Performing before a veritable ocean of fans’ upturned faces, or in this case they might be called worshippers, The Flaming Lips, fronted by Coyne’s adventurous antics and childlike enthusiasm for all things exciting, deliver 13 poppy tunes from their unending arsenal of goodness. But music isn’t all they deliver; streams of confetti, yellow exercise balls, streamers, and incredible beams of light are constantly shooting out over the audience. The digital cameras and camera operators are strategically placed throughout the stage (and even on Coyne’s microphone) to give viewers the best possible “you are there” feeling. It’s a total sensory overload, and the best possible kind.

The concert footage is interspersed throughout with behind-the-scenes footage of the band and crew preparing the stage, Coyne touring the zoo and interacting with the animals, various audience members professing their love and devotion to the band, and even an examination and breakdown of the careful science behind choosing the proper representatives to appear as Santas and Aliens lining either side of the stage during concerts. It’s all on display here and all ready for fan consumption.

The difference between U.F.O’s at the Zoo and most live concert DVDs, is that The Flaming Lips really care about putting on the most spectacular, “wig-lifting”, explosive show that audiences have ever seen. And the transfer to DVD is done with just as much attention to detail. The footage will have viewers cheering from their couches and checking their calendars for the next live performance. This DVD not only presents a concert from September 2006 in all its glory, it leaves you wondering how you could have possibly missed it.

Zach’s Rating – A
Oklahoma City Zoo Animals’ Rating – B+
HumDrum Existence Specialist’s Rating – C

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