Whats not to love! It is 5am and I am listening to metal! I am pretty sure my wife is on the verge of divorcing me, citing ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ as the reason!

Metalmania is is a live recording from the premier Central European metal festival. Although the bands come from around the globe I have to admit that the European bands far outshine those from North America. The Europeans have a far greater depth and musical ability.

The DVD kicks off with a great band Korpoklaani, these guys rock. When was the last time you say a metal band with bagpipes, fiddle, and an accordion? I will certainly be keeping an eye out for this band in the future.

Crystal Abyss put in a quick appearance next, this is very trad heavy metal band, and best taken with recreational pharmaceuticals.

Head bangers Darzamat are the epitome of the genre, throaty vocals and guitar riffs that would peel paint off the walls. I often wonder if the amps used in heavy metal are custom built, and rugadized to prevent damage. Maybe encased in concrete and lead just like a nuclear reactor.

You know you are in trouble when a band has a song titled ‘Let the killing begin’. Vital Remains are a high octane and high drama band. Encompassing some very theatrical music, from Christian chants to something from the edge of hell, these guys do it all.

Blaze Bayley brings us back to earth with a very solid set. This guy is a hard rocker, and knows his business.

Also featured on the DVD are Sepultura, Paradise Lost, and Testament. While Paradise Lost impressed me a lot, and I will be looking for more material by them, Seputura and Testament just seemed to get lost in a sea of white noise.

With a running time of 210 minutes this DVD is the ultimate sampler of todays metal scene. While I am not a huge fan of the genre, I certainly found some bands that I will be pursuing, in particular Korpiklaani. Their Myspace page describes them as “Pure Finnish Folk Metal”, I can not think of a better description. So if anyone at Metal Mind Productions is reading this review, you know where to send a copy.

You can get this fabulous festival of the very best metal has to offer from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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