There are lots of Elvis impersonators, in fact there are several Marriage Chapels in Los Vegas that offer Elvis inspired preachers to perform the ceremony. There are are even the Flying Elvii, that perform dare-devil stunts with parachutes while dressed in matching Elvis costumes. Lets face it folks, this is an Elvis world! Pick up the latest tabloid while waiting in line at the grocery store checkout, I will guarantee there will be an Elvis story. It could be a sighting in North Dakota, where he was buying a Big Mac, or in Southern California he might be spotted surfing before a trip to In-n-Out burger for a large cheese burger. Elvis lives!

So what is next for the Elvis industry? Punk my friend, punk versions of Elvis.

This band rocks! I love this CD, although it may cause a divorce in my marriage. My lovely wife Jan though hated the Punkification of the music. I think she is a prude!

Just check out the photo, based only on the picture, I would rush out and buy this album.

My favorite track has to be Love Me Tender, they do a great job of emulating Elvis for about 10 seconds and then burst out with some classic punk! At this point in the CD my wife declared “well, if you are not going to do anything useful, I am going to take a shower”

The DVD is just as much fun. In some ways it is even better. Elvis ‘farts’ his way through life. This is parody taken to the max. “For ‘Insurance reasons’ the wonderful set is ‘audio’d out’.” This may not be a DVD you will find at Wal Mart, but it is well worth seeking out.

How big are you, the interviewer asks. “Not as big as Hitler or Mussolini” is the answer. Elvis lives on!

Grab this one, it is too much fun not to. You can order your copy from their Web Site.

Simon Barrett


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