Who doesn’t like great cars? From the classics to todays Super Cars for the super rich they are all objects that the average male dreams of owning. Alas most of us will never achieve that goal. Yesterday I was watching TV and stumbled upon a Discovery Channel series Overhaulin, this rather fun show stars car aficionado Skip Foose as he and his team take rusty relics of the past and spiff them up to be ‘kings of the road’. One episode involved Jay Leno, who has one of the largest private collections of great cars anywhere.

Watching the show inspired me to go digging in my mountain of unwatched DVD’s, I recalled that sometime in the past couple of months a series of DVD’s was released on the subject of great automobiles.

Inakustik are a German based organization that usually releases heavy metal music DVD’s, but recently they created a new division MotorVision that is dedicated to all things automobile.

I started my quest with Faszination Porsche, well who doesn’t love the sleek lines of this expensive line of automobiles? The Porsche legacy started in 1948 when Ferry Porsche received official government approval of the road worthiness of his first prototype. From these humble beginnings a legend was born.

Faszination Porsche takes the viewer on a wonderful journey of exploration, the history behind the brand, the racing pedigree, the awesome and legendary 911, and the direction that the company may well be headed in.

Faszination Supercars explores the most expensive cars in the world. Even winning the lottery would likely put some of these machines outside of your reach. The cars under the microscope include.

The Lamborghini Reventon
BMW M3 versus Mercedes C63 AMG
The KTM X-Bow
The  Ferrari Enzo
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
This is a DVD that every exotic car lover should have.

Faszination Modern Classic Cars takes us into the world of cars no longer manufactured,  but not yet tagged with the ‘classic’ designation. The choices are in someways strange, however when you factor in regional styles, not surprising. Included are:

The Mercedes SLC AMG vs. Alpina BMW 3.0 CSi
The Datsun 240Z
The Youngtimer Convertibles
The Golf 1 GTi
The Lancia Delta Integrale

The last one in the MotorVision series is Faszination Hummer. A vehicle that has received  mixed reactions. For fans, it’s powerful, strong and cool. For critics, it’s showy, unpractical and pointless. Love it or hate it, it is one of the vehicles that caught the imagination of the public when it was first released. Who could have ever conceived that a vehicle designed for the military would be adopted by the rich and famous? This DVD takes us behind the wheel of all three incarnations of the Hummer. Fun to watch, hateful to fill up at the gas station!

I enjoyed the Faszination series. I certainly could not afford any of the cars featured, but it is fun to dream. This series is available on Amazon, just click on the cover arts above. Oh, and before you plug any of these DVD’s into your play, make sure that you have your seats in the upright position, and your tray table locked!

Simon Barrett

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