I have to make a confession, I love PBS and A&E, I really enjoy the classic British murder mystery shows. They have more heart in them than the shows served up on our cable system. CSI is fine, and certainly is well thought out, but mostly it lacks any depth.

Those Brits on the other hand seem to know the magic formula. There is no doubt that my favorite source of these Brit extravaganzas is Acorn.

Lets take a quick look at some great DVD sets for Christmas.

Blue Murder Set 3 is a 2 DVD set that takes us into the world of single mom Janine Lewis, when she is not being a mom she is is a Detective Chief Inspector. Set in Manchester, England this is one of those gritty shows that gets you hooked without realizing that you are the fish.

Midsomer Murders Set 13
is the latest release in this long running TV series. John Nettles plays the part of the always cool Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. This four DVD set is sure to please even the most Grinchy lover of murder mysteries.

The Helen West Casebook
takes a different look at the world of law and order. Helen West is not a detectice, she is a lawyer, a crown prosecutor, her specialty is not murder and mayhem but domestic abuse and sexual molestation. Unfortunately murder does seem to be an unwanted offshoot.

The Ruth Rendell Mysteries Set 4
is another good choice. This two DVD set takes us into the world of Inspector Wexford. There is no doubt in my mind that Ruth Rendell is the King, or maybe I should say Queen of the psychological crime drama.

What compilation of Brit murder mysteries would be complete without a mention of Agatha Christie? Her books are legendary, and her characters always larger than life. There are some actors that have suffered career wise by becoming associated with portraying a character in a series. But there are others that have made their name, and remain very much in vogue. One such actor is David Suchet, he has created the ultimate Hercule Poirot. Much like Alec Guinness is the epitome of George Smiley, David Suchet owns Agatha Christie’s Poirot. He is on my list of people to meet!

Poirot Set 4 – The Movie Collection is out, this three DVD box set is a classic.

I do hope that everyone has a great and mysterious Christmas. All of these great sets are available from Amazon. Just click on the links and you can read the reviews.

This review is getting a little large, I do have more, and will post them in another article.

Simon Barrett

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