Young James Herriot is based on a young British man that had dreamed of becoming a veterinarian all his life, so naturally he was overwhelmed when he was accepted by a prestigious veterinary college.

The three main professors in the school that the group find themselves facing are Principal/Professor Henry Legge (Ralph Riach), Professor Donald Ritchie,(Tony Curran) and Professor Quintin Gunnell (Gary Lewis).

James’s (Iain De Caestecker) first day of college didn’t exactly start out like he had planned as he ended up insulting Professor Ritchie at the school, before James even knew who he was. He did however end up meeting three new friends, Rob McAloon (Ben Lloyd-Hughes), who has proven to be quite the party boy who doesn’t seem to care if he ever graduates, Whirly Tyson (Amy Manson), who is a feisty but smart feminist and Jenny Muirhead (Joanna Vanderham), a posh, rich aristocrat.

When James is sent out on his first job, he was told he needed to find a cure for a horse that was sick but when he checks the horse out he mistakenly diagnosis’s the illness, upsetting the owner of the horse which embarrasses him in front of the three professors. Young James learns quickly that there is more to becoming a vet than just saving the animals which makes him even more determined to make a good impression on the professors.

Rob is made an offer he finds hard to refuse making big money and Whirly gives Professor Gunnell a big shock which later seems to push Gunnell into doing what he can to get Whirley kicked out of the school. James is left alone to face a choice which is really hard for him to make.

Young James Herriot is a single DVD that has three episodes and it runs for approximately 176 minutes. It comes with a bonus of an additional 21 minutes covering the Making of Young James Herriot, photo gallery and the biography of James Herriot. The DVD goes on sale on September 4th, but if you click on the Amazon link above you can pre-order a copy.

Jan Barrett

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