Imagine starting your own “first” never dreaming that one day you would become famous by doing so. This is what Gertrude Berg did. With her personality and lots of hard work and determination she convinced producers in the 1930’s to allow her to make and star in her first TV Family sitcom which was even before “I Love Lucy” aired.

Yoo–Hoo Mrs. GoldBerg is a documentary about a Jewish woman that played in “The Goldbergs” and became the queen of television shows for years. Seeing some of the actual footage of some of the show will make you want to go right out and find a copy of the show on DVD to bring into your home to watch.

It is said that Berg wrote a new episode for the show every night and then she would fill her co-stars in the next morning and by that evening the show would go on. She did this routine day after day thousands of time and apparently was very good at it.

This documentary explores the wonderful cultural significance of a creative, energetic Jewish woman and how her vision and drive broke the boundaries in the 1930’s and beyond. The main character in the show, Mrs. Goldberg, was a lovable and loving Jewish mother shaped in the immigrant neighborhoods in New York City that became a national heroine and one of the first true pop cultural icons of the 20th century. The TV show became a giant national hit and it won the actress an Emmy Award for Best Actress.

You will see interviews with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, actor Ed Asner, producers Norman Lear (All In The Family), and Gary David Goldberg (Family Ties)and NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg as well as early career appearances of Ann Bancroft and Steve McQueen.

This DVD set includes over two hours of bonus material which includes:

  • Audio Commentary with the Director
  • Episodes of the Goldbergs
  • Gertrude Berg’s guest appearance with Edward R. Murrow and on Ed Sullivan
  • Additional scenes and interviews
  • Bonus Gertrude Berg recipe
  • Essay from the director

Yoo–Hoo Mrs. Goldberg is a very interesting documentary that clearly shows you how it was to get started in show business back in the 1930’s. It has a run time of approximately 92 minutes plus the extra features. To get your copy of this 2 disc set just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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