Yes actually had their beginnings back in the late 60’s, but it was really the 70’s and 80’s that saw this band move from playing local gigs, to becoming part of the Mega Star world. Considered by many to be on a par with Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and ELP, they were part of the emerging Prog Rock movement.

This two DVD collection is without doubt well titled as Their Definitive Fully Authorized Story. It chronicles the band from their very earliest days, days when they were playing concerts for free, just to get the exposure, through to their Mega Star stage.

Yes is no different from any other band, you don’t start off being a success, it takes time and effort. Also often times the line up of musicians that a band starts to unravel, as the musical direction changes, or focuses, band members do not fit well. Yes went through these changes, or maybe it should be just called growing pains.

There is no doubt that luring Rick Wakeman into the band had a great effect on the the bands success. Being old, I remember this event, and being surprised when it happened. It did not seem like a great move for Rick or Yes. In fact I was annoyed, Rick Wakeman had become a major influence with The Strawbs, and his departure seemed to ring the death knell on Dave Cousins and The Strawbs.

Yes, has an interesting history, and this two DVD set is a must have for any fan, you can watch the promo here, and get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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