I have always been a fan of movies or series that are based on true stories. It always seems more personal knowing that someone actually went through what we are watching. To me that seems to place more meaning to the program as I watch. Wish Me Luck Series 2 is one of those series that is based on a true story. It is about British heroines that take on the job of spying on the Nazis in France during the World War II.

This series has a full cast including, Kate Buffery, Lynn Farleigh, Jane Asher, Jane Snowden, Jeremy Northam and Julia Glover. It is filmed in Britain and France and it combines strong female characters, tension filled plots and historical authenticity.

The brave British women all risk their lives as they are secret agents in France each with assignments that include sabotage, subversion and propaganda. Each knows the consequences they will suffer if caught will be torture or even worse.

Liz Grainger is working at the home office in London with Colonel James “Cad” Cadogan as her boss. There are recruits joining that are really needed but they all bring in their own troubles. One carries a secret that could interfere with her judgment while another is a skilled radio operator but she is new at this spying stuff which makes it kind of dangerous. How will these women handle their job in France where even the smallest mistake could prove to be fatal for them?

I did a review for Wish Me Luck Series 1 in March, 2010 which can be read here. In Wish Me Luck Series 2 you will see more military action but you should enjoy both series. The total air time for series 2 is approximately 375 minutes. It has 7 episodes on the 2 discs set. This set goes on sale at Amazon on DVD on January 25, 2011 but you can pre-order your own copy if you click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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