Civilians turn heroines in this compelling British WWII series

In the midst of WWII, brave British women risk their lives as secret agents in occupied France. Their assignment is sabotage, subversion and propaganda. Their fate, if caught is torture or worse.

Liz Grainger (Kate Buffery) is working in the London home office under the direction of Colonel James “Cad” Cadogan (Julian Glover). New recruits join the team but they all seem to bring their own troubles in with them. Vivien (Lyn Farleigh) carries a secret that may compromise her judgment, while Emily (Jane Snowden) is a skilled radio operator but dangerously raw ar the spy game. How will they all fare in France, where even the smallest mistake can prove fatal?

Wish Me Luck – Series 2 comes with 2 discs and a total of 7 episodes:

Disc 1

Episode 1 – In 1943, southwestern France the Nazis shoot three British agents and Liz has to bring the sad news to a widow. Two new recruits join the team in England, Emily and Vivien.

Episode 2 – Emily, Vivien and Colin parachute into France at night. When Emily has to say good bye to her boyfriend there are consequences involved. A member of the French militia takes an interest in Colin.

Episode 3 – Colin shoots a women when he catches her searching his room, leaving him in shock. Liz finds out that her marriage is in more trouble than she thought, Emily decides to stay in France but Liz decides to go home.

Episode 4 – Gordon, the local resistance leader resents his new boss, Liz. Liz is there to destroy the U-boat transmitter station. Meanwhile Vivien has a mission of her own, arousing suspicion and putting others lives at risk.

Disc 2

Episode 5 – The team suspects a traitor amongst them in the aftermath of a failed raid. The Germans confiscate Emily’s transmitter and codebook and her host family is arrested. Cad asks Kit to go to France to handle the situation.

Episode 6 – Emily hides out in a brothel and Cad is happy to hear that all the agents are safe. Liz and Kit out their feels aside, Cad receives devastating news ad Vivien pays a price for her reckless behavior.

Episode 7 – Vivien has been captured but the raid on the arms factory has got to continue. When the mission is successful the teams rescue attempt goes badly. Liz is forced to commit a ghastly act when the Germans start closing in.

Wish Me Luck – Series 2 has a bonus with some historical backgrounds. If you enjoy spy movies especially from the World War II era then you will enjoy this DVD set. You can get a copy of your own by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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