This 2 Volume Boxed DVD set, Wish Me Luck Series 1 is based on the true stories of female intelligence agents behind Nazi line. It has a great cast including, Kate Buffery, Jane Asher, Julian Glover, Michael J. Jackson, Warren Clarke and Jeremy Northam. Filmed on location in Britain and France Wish Me Luck boasts strong female characters, tension filled plots and historical authenticity.

On Disc 1 there are 4 episodes starting in England in 1942 where Liz Granger living in Dover with her 5 year old daughter and Matty Firman works in a London factory. Both women are recruited as secret agents. As they prepare for duty they fly to France with Liz having to say good bye to her daughter. When they arrive in France the leader there is surprised that there were two women sent to him instead of men.

On Disc 2 the episodes continue with Liz returning to London with some vital information. Liz’s friend Claudine has to face a choice of either becoming a double agent or be handed over to the Gestapo. Liz’s husband wants to know the truth about what her activities have been and when she finally confesses to him he is outraged. Back in France Matty is warned to be more careful and Claudine gives some useful information to the Germans.  Matty gets captured and thrown in prison which causes trouble for the whole operation and safety of everyone involved so Liz has to be sent in to find out what is going on in France. Liz finds out the truth about who betrayed her friend Claudine and works on a dramatic rescue attempt to save Matty but can they reach her in time?

This DVD Set is filled with espionage, danger and romance behind the enemy lines. It aired on ITV for three series from 1988 to 1990 and it broadcast on U.S. public TV in the 1990’s.

Wish Me Luck Series 1 is a 2 volume boxed set that comes with special features of a historical background on the real operation that inspired the series and a photo gallery. It arrives on DVD from Acorn Media on March 16, 2010. To get your own copy you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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