Have you ever wondered who your ancestors are? Doing a family tree can be very interesting but it is a lot of work to complete one, but it is interesting to find the roots to your family name.Recently my cousin decided to do one on my Dad’s side of the family. It was a lot of work, yet she really enjoyed doing it. She learned a lot about our family that amazed her.

In this DVD set, Who Do You Think You Are, Season 2 we have a list of celebrities that are anxious to find these answers about their own families.

They work with genealogists, researchers and historians to find what they can about their roots. Some find some shocking news once they dig enough in their past. Some find some very surprising information and others are very impressed with what they find out.

Doing a Family Tree can be very rewarding but you have to accept that sometimes long-buried secrets could come out. Some of those secrets should remain buried while others would be welcomed. It isn’t easy to do but once the Tree is complete you will know just about everything about who you really are!

This fascinating series paints an intimate portrait of how a journey through history can change everything including one’s of their own self.

There are 8 episodes, as follows:

Vanessa Williams – Vanessa was as we all know crowned the first Miss Black America in 1983. During her tracing of family history she finds that breaking down barriers run in her family. She fins out that she has one of her ancestors that was a former slave that later ended up serving in his state’s legislature.

Tim McGraw – Tim is a good old Louisiana boy. Tim wanted to find out more of his past too so when he started digging he discovered the source of his own pioneering spirit.

Rosie O’Donnell – Rosie follows her own mother’s roots and finds the grim realities of the Irish potato famine.

Kim Cattrall – Kim finds the answer to a question she always wanted to know. She fins out why her grandfather had abandoned his family/

Lionel Richie – Lionel digs into his family history as he is anxious to find out about his great-grandfather’s mysterious past which proves to be a particularly powerful discovery.

Steve Buscemi – Steve discovers some disturbing information about his great-great-grandfather’s past. Apparently there was a history of depression in his family.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth decides to look up both sides of her family’s roots. Her discovery was interesting but as little dry.

Ashley Judd – Ashley finds out that there is other members of her family that actually fought of human rights as well.

Who Do You Think You Are, Series 2 comes with 2 discs with the 8 episodes. The approximate air time is about 335 minutes. If you would like to get your own copy, just click on the Amazon link above. You would probably learn a lot about how one can explore their own family roots. Good luck with it!

Jan Barrett

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