Do you ever wonder just who you are? Who are your ancestors? I wonder sometimes just what my ancestors did and where did they come from. Were they famous for something or just a nobody that no one has ever heard of.

Well in this DVD, Who Do You Think You Are? Season 1 we have seven celebrity stars that are just that curious and they decide to explore it more to find out more about themselves. The hit TV series “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow is the executive producer of this series. Other stars featured here include Sarah Jessica Parker, Emmitt Smith, Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Matthew Broderick and Brooke Shields.

This series paints an intimate portrait of how a journey through history can change everything for you.

Sarah Jessica Parker says after this was shot, “It’s changed everything about who I thought I was, everything.” She finds connections in her roots that goes back to the California Gold Rush and even as far back to the Salem Witch Trials.

We all remember Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys football team. He learns of his dramatic ancestors back in the days of slavery. He also discovers a connection to the number he wears on his football jersey.

Lisa Kudrow, was after more information about her great-grandmother’s death during the Holocaust. She wants to investigate more into it which leads her to an old but very touching family mystery.

Matthew Broderick wants to trace his family roots back to the battlefields in WWII in France and then to a Civil War field in Georgia, which seems fitting since because of his role in the film “Glory”.

Brooke Shields wants more information from both her mother’s working class side and her father’s European side. Her search brings her to Rome and to France and she ends up with an amazing find. She finds some royal connections.

Susan Sarandon was always curious about the mysterious disappearance of her grandmother when she was young. She explores the racy life of her grandmother which takes her from New York to Rome and finds some rather shocking missing links.

Spike Lee realizes that he never had the chance to ask his grandmother who owned his family during the slavery days. He heads to Texas and parts of the Deep South for the answers he needs to answer that one. He even may have found a relative that he didn’t even know he had.

If nothing else this film would give you the insensitive to want to go and do your own private search of your ancestors. It also is a great and helpful guide for those who are interested in exploring their own ancestral roots. Old census records and your local libraries is a good place to start on your quest. This series is intriguing, moving and ultimately uplifting. It proves that genealogy is more that a pastime. It is a journey through history that changes everything. The series was filmed on location in Benin, Belarus, Poland, Italy, France and other places as well as the United States.

Who Do You Think You Are?, Series 1
is a 2-disc set with 7 episodes and the total run time is approximately 293 minutes. It goes on sale on March 15, 2011. If you would like your own copy, you can click on the Amazon Link to pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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