It is strange, I am a fan of music, particularly the genre of Prog Rock, but when I think back to the many conversations I have had on the subject, I rarely mention Pink Floyd. Yet I loved the early albums. Unlike most people, I viewed Dark Side Of The Moon with some disdain. In my mind it signaled the end of Pink Floyd. I was wrong, and yet I was also right.

Pink Floyd – The Strange Case Of Waters And Gilmour picks up the story in the post Dark Side Of The Moon days for the band. It looks long and hard look at the relationship between Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour. As is well known they had an acrimonious split, but what caused it?

Pink Floyd has always been an anathema, they have been mired in controversy almost from the day the band was formed. In 1968 coming off the high of a huge single hit See Emily Play the writer and front man for the band Syd Barrett was given his pink slip. Pink Floyd however weathered the storm and each new album brought yet more fans.

For several albums the leader, albeit self appointed was Roger Waters. Waters had the drive, Waters had the lyrics. But as the DVD points out Dark Side Of The Moon was really the last of the cohesive Pink Floyd. Animals and The Wall saw the band head in more political directions, directions that did not sit well with the other members. The question became not if, but when would Rodger Waters be ousted?

With Waters gone, could Pink Floyd survive? Yes they did survive. It was a different group. But so was Floyd when Syd got the axe. (Be Careful With That Axe Eugene).

I enjoyed this DVD a great deal, it contains many interesting interviews with not just the band members, but people close to the story.  2005 saw a temporary mending of fences when at the request of Bob Geldof the four members once more assembled for one concert in support of Live Aid. Alas it did not signal the start of a new beginning, but it certainly was wonderful to see them play together one last time.

You can order your copy of this very dine documentary from Amazon by using the link above.

Simon Barrett

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