Do you ever wonder about the technology that drives the military conflict? In this DVD set, as seen on Discovery’s Military Channel, you can discover that technology from the muddy battlefields of the First World War to the 21st Century’s state-of-the-art fighter planes.

In this eight part series you will get a complete history of the high-stakes contests with informative expert commentaries by renowned military analysts, archival footage and illuminating graphics. The series goes through all eight of the high-stakes contests and they show how technological advances have transformed warfare into today’s world.

This DVD set let’s you trace the stages of each race from the original concept and early breakthroughs to enemy countermeasures and current state of the art. You will learn how innovators have pushed the technological limits – of speed, endurance, maneuverability, range, accuracy and firepower – to produce the killing machines of today.

The eight series are:

1. The Race for the Jet Fighter – Take a look at the requirements such as speed, endurance, maneuverability, and fire power that pushed designers to explore the technological limits of the F-22 Raptor.

2. The Race for the Battle Tank – Take a look at how these monsters were shaped in combat; how the competing requirements of protection, cross-country ability and firepower were refined; and how tactics such as Blitzkrieg were developed to make the Battletank the king of the battlefield.

3. The Race for Radar and Stealth – When strategic bombing was conceived, men began to look at ways of detecting it – or at evading this detection. Take a look at developments in this technology, considering the most extraordinary ways of spotting military and civil machines.

4. The Race For the Nuclear Bomb – Take an in-depth look at the nuclear weapons race as the Soviet Union used every means possible – particularly espionage to catch up with the United States – and then competed to produce smaller and more deadly bombs.

5. The Race for the Strategic Bomber – Examine the elements of range, payload, protection and performance which convinced military theorists that the B-2A Spirit stealth bomber was the ultimate weapon. Find out how their hopes and fears were tested in combat.

6. The Race for the Ballistic Missile – This program looks at the men who first conceived the idea of long-range rockets, their successes and failures, and the way in which the nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile became the most powerful weapon ever known to man.

7. The Race for the Nuclear Submarine – Look at the way in which both the technology and the tactics of submarine warfare were adapted and developed during the Cold War, and how boats like the USS Virginia and the Russian Akula are today’s most powerful and deadly naval units.

8. The Race for the Aircraft Carrier – The program looks at the evolution of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, and how the aircraft carrier adapted into a floating military base of extraordinary potency.

Bonus features in this DVD set include a 16 page viewer’s guide with articles on the Bletchley Park decryption center, the history of dog fighting, antinuclear movements in Europe, Reagan’s Star Wars program and the Skunk Works advanced development facility. It also includes biographies of notable weapons innovators, plus a timeline and discussion questions of

Weapons Races is a 3 disc set and has a run time of approximately 400 minutes. You can get a copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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