When I was in school we had students that were really smart from what they learned from the teachers in the school, then we had students who were a different kind of smart. We used to call them street smart kids. Well that is what this DVD set, Waterloo Road, Series 1 reminded me of.

When the headmaster at Waterloo Road has a nervous breakdown Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrels) is given his job who reluctantly accepts it. Knowing the school is in deep trouble, Jack hires Andrew Treneman (Jamie Glover) an Oxbridge-educated deputy head to help him with his fight to save the school from being closed down who doesn’t waste any time clashing with the art teacher, Kim Campbell. The question here is will the staff conflicts and the student tragedies prevent the new headmaster from saving the school.

In this hit British series, the teachers struggle with their own private lives and conflicting responsibilities and both the teachers and the students find that they must learn lessons that no one can teach or learn from a textbook.

The school’s English teacher, Tom Clarkson’s life is a total mess. He is engaged to his girlfriend, Lorna Dickey whom he lives with and who is also a fellow teacher at Waterloo Road. The problem is though that Tom has hopelessly fallen in love with Lorna’s best friend, a drama teacher, Izzie Redpath. Now Tom wants to call off the wedding.

The school, Waterloo Road Comp. is in a lot of trouble. The teachers at the school fear of losing their jobs and the attending students have no interest in learning what the teachers are trying to teach them. They go from teen pregnancy to bullying as they face contemporary issues with sharp scripts, strong characters and realistic dialogue.

If you enjoy programs involving high school drama then this one is for you. Waterloo Road, Series 1, comes on 2 discs with a total of 8 episodes, running approximately 414 minutes total. If you would like to get your own copy just click on the Amazon link above and you can pre-order your copy. It goes on sale starting tomorrow, October 16, 2012.

Jan Barrett

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