war-cover.jpgThis DVD comes from a sold out concert in Anaheim, California sometime in late December 2007.

It has been many years since I first discovered them in the very early 70’s, at the time they were ‘Eric Burden And War’. I believe the first song I heard by them was on a sampler album the name of which escapes me right now, well it was almost 40 years ago! And the song? The great timeless hit ‘Spill The Wine’. From that one song alone I was hooked.

war-1.jpgIndeed Spill The Wine is very much still in their repertoire, although original composer Lonnie Jordan’s interpretation is far different from Eric Burden’s it is still a fan favorite. He also offers a glimpse into how the song came about. The combination of indeed spilling a glass of wine into his keyboard and some recreational pharmaceuticals got his creative juices flowing!

war-2.jpgGreatest Hits Live is a must have for any War fan. As you can hear from this audio clip from the DVD they have noy changed much over the years. Included on the DVD are hits such as Why Can’t We Be Friends”, “Cisco Kid” and “Galaxy,” which incidentally is featured on Grand Theft Auto IV. War is a band that put on a great stage act, they do not require a complicated lighting set, or special effects, these guys have genuine stage presence. Each member is the star in his own right.

War – Greatest Hits Live is available in better record stores everywhere or can be ordered through Amazon. They also have a web site with additional information.

Simon Barrett

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