This movie was one of this years summer blockbusters, grossing somewhere in the region of $125 million. On December 2nd it finds its way onto DVD and Blu-Ray. I did not get the opportunity to see this one in the theater so was happy to get a DVD version to review.

Well it is certainly action packed. This is the kind of movie that you need your seat belts tightly fastened to watch. Done very much in the vein of The Matrix using freeze frame technology the action scenes are incredible adventures into the visual arts. Bullets bending in mid air, and martial arts done with clinical precision, are but two of the aspects that take advantage of this style of cinematography.

So whats the plot? Well we have a young man who is just a harmless cubicle dweller, a mundane guy, with a mundane job, and a go nowhere attitude. Wesley (James McAvoy) is one of lifes losers. He obviously was in the rest room when god was handing out everyones excitement quotient. A chance meeting with a young lady with the rather apt name of Fox (Angela Jolie) changes everything. He is introduced to a mysterious secret society of assasins know as The Fraternity. Led by Sloan (Morgan Freeman) Wesley learns many of their dark secrets. But are they what they seem? Are they for good or evil?

This retail version of Wanted contains a raft of extras,:

Extended Scene – Be the first to view this killer extended scene from Wanted.

Cast and Characters – Go behind the scenes with Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Thomas Kretschmann and Common as they discuss their roles in the film and their experiences on set.

Stunts on the L Train – Stunt coordinators Nick Gillard and Mic Rodgers explain how cast members Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy performed the astounding elevated train stunt sequence.

Special Effects: The Art of the Impossible – Special effects supervisor Dominic Tuohy explains how his team pulled off the stunning special effects throughout the film and how Angelina Jolie contributed to the action.

Groundbreaking Visual Effects: From Imagination to Execution – A look at how the spectacular visual effects in the film were pre-visualized and executed.

The Origins of Wanted: Bringing the Graphic Novel to Life– Creator Mark Millar, producer Marc Platt, director Timur Bekmambetov and screenwriters Michael Brandt, Derek Haas and Chris Morgan discuss the original graphic novel and the process of adapting it for the big screen.

Wanted will be in stores everywhere on December 2nd, pick it up for the action movie lover in your family.

Simon Barrett

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