Ah to see the great Big Apple! A lot of people dream of visiting New York City. Of course like all large cities, there are some rough parts of town, but there are a lot of beautiful parks and scenery that one can only find in New York City.

We all remember the World Trade Center bombing. The area was cleared out and called Ground Zero. This DVD, Visions New York City, shows scenes from when they were working there.

New York City brings millions of people to visit the city. Tourists start from the Wall Street to Washington Heights, down the famous Fifth Avenue, through the gorgeous Central Park, over bridges and across the grid. This video Visions New York City takes you to the irresistible attraction of the magnificent metropolis in a breath taking aerial view.

With high definition cameras mounted to the helicopter you get the view of all the striking juxtapositions of nature and progress, geometry, and geography. It flies over the harbor from Lady Liberty’s perspective and gives a great view of the sparkling skyscrapers at night. It gives you awesome views of the Bronx Zoo and Coney Island plus many buildings and bridges. It gives you a chance to roam through famous neighborhoods from Little Italy to Chinatown, Harlem and the Upper West Side. The narration on this DVD is very informative and it has an evocative soundtrack along with stunning aerial and ground footage that highlight the island’s images, boundless energy and enduring appeal.

If you have never had the pleasure of visiting the famous New York City or if you are planning a visit in the future, this DVD will give you a clear picture of what you should expect there. It will also give you some ideas of areas that you might want to visit while in the city. The running time for the DVD is approximately 77 minutes. To get a copy of your own you can click on the Amazon icon above. You might be surprised at what Visions New York City covers.

Jan Barrett

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