There are few people in the 20th century that have received more attention that John F. Kennedy, he has been the subject of countless books, documentaries, and movies. As a history fan I cannot even count how many JFK related materials I have read, watched, or listened to. They have vacillated from the very serious Someone Would Have Talked to the ludicrous, too silly to even remember.

Mostly these investigations concern his untimely demise in Daley Plaza, Dallas, in 1963. This new DVD Virtual JFK takes us on a different quest. Through the use of archival clips the film maker asks the question of what would have happened in Vietnam had John F. Kennedy survived?

His 1000 day presidency was not without controversy, but he did seem to prefer the route of diplomacy and quite muscle to open warfare. Some people have equated this to weakness, I strongly disagree, this DVD shows quite clearly that JFK was much more a hawk than a dove.

The number of brave young lives that were lost, or perminently changed as a result of one of the most pointless wars in modern history is staggering. Could JFK have changed the course of this conflict? I for one do believe that he could have. I am not certain what route he would have taken, but I do know that it would have been far different from the approach taken by Lyndon Johnson.

Virtual JFK is a wonderful exploration into a ‘what if’ scenario, it also contains video that to the best of my knowledge has never previously been published. This is not the ‘Camelot’ video that we have all seen 10,000 times, this is the video of the very astute, and hawkish JFK.

You might be surprised at what you see on this DVD. As a student of the subject, I have to say that I found a great deal of new and revealing material.

You can order your copy of Virtual JFK by clicking on the cover art.

Simon Barrett

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