What do you get when you put two very mismatched detectives together as partners on the London Police department? Well you get more crimes solved with more luck than skill, bickering and bantering along the way.

DI Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) is a lazy, disorganized and charming man that is more interested in having a good time than being at work helping to solve crimes. DI Kate Bishop (Lucy Punch) is totally dedicated, efficient and determined to be the best at her job. She finds herself worrying a lot about her marriage that might be falling apart.

The two investigators cases involving a serial killer that seems to target lonely women, and the attempted murder of a cranky banker, and a high-profile kidnapping case. They soon find themselves learning more and more about each other. They realize they seem to almost always disagree with one another and that they are not really such an odd couple after all.

To get an idea about this Cop drama show, watch the trailer below.

This DVD Vexed is filled with comedy and drama. It has three episodes on a single disc. It does contain some strong language and some sexual content. If you are interested in buying Vexed on DVD just click on the Amazon link above. I think you will enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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