If you ever watched the American detective mystery series, Columbo and enjoyed it then more than likely you would enjoy this DVD, Vera, Set 2. Here we have Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn), who is a police detective that carries a sharp tongue and the crazy way of being able to solve crimes.

Vera, Set 2 was filmed in the Northumberland villages of the original mystery books by author Ann Cleeves. It includes four feature-length character-driven crime dramas:

Disc 1. The Ghost Position – Vera finds herself reunited with her first mentor, Sergeant Stuart Macken, after he and his teenage daughter were seriously injured in a firebomb at his home. He decides to kill himself while in the hospital leaving Vera to investigate. Her suspects include a protester and his pregnant girlfriend, a woman that Macken had an affair with, who he also worked with, and his daughter’s stepfather.

Disc 2.  Silent Voices – Vera starts investigating the murder of a well-respected social worker after the woman was found dead in a sauna at a local gym. As Vera digs deeper into the investigation she discovers that the woman had been involved in a case of a child that was apparently drowned to death by his own mother.

Disc 3. Sandancers – The death of an Afghanistan War veteran is declared a suicide by the local authorities at the local army base, but Vera seems to think otherwise. Another soldier confesses to the murder and Vera has trouble believing that too and she continues investigating the case.

Disc 4. A Certain Samaritan – A man is found dead with heroin in his body and a stolen credit card in his wallet. Vera suspects the man obviously led a life that his possessive mother knew nothing about. When details of the mother’s own life, becomes clear, there seems to be a motive for the murder.

Vera, Set 2 is a 4-disc set that runs approximately 370 minutes. There is a warning that it does contain some disturbing images. If you would like to get your own copy of Vera, Set 2, you can click on the Amazon link above. If you like detective series, this is one for you.

Jan Barrett

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