The month of October is better known as the month for horror films. Since the end of the month is Halloween, every horror film fan really enjoy watching all the horror films out there, me included. I like the old horror flicks a lot but occasionally I like a new one as well.

Vault of Horror is a 2013 anthology horror film on DVD which features George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Abel Ferrara’s Driller Killer, Sean Weather’s Maniac Too!, and Aswad Issa’s A Good Samaritan in New York City. The two former are all time classic horror while the 2 latter are original films that are exclusive to the DVD.

Maniac Too! (2003) – In this sex horror directed by Sean Weathers we enter into the waking dreams of a deranged serial rapist.

Driller Killer (1976) – An artist slowly goes insane and hits the streets of New York with a vendetta against the homeless people. He randomly starts killing the bums on the streets using a power drill.

Night of the Living Dead (1968) – A group of people hide in a farm house while flesh eating hungry zombies is after them.

A Good Samaritan in New York City (2004) – A man is attacked on a subway train. This film stars Sean Weathers in his first acting role. It is also directed by Aswad Issa.

There is a bonus intro and outro audio commentary tracks by Sean Weathers and Aswad Issa for Driller Killer and Night of the Living Dead. This horror film, Vault of Terror contains strong sexual content, profanity, nudity and graphic violence.

If you would like a copy of this DVD, Vault of Terror, you can click on the Amazon link above to make a purchase.

Jan Barrett

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