I have to admit that I love this series of DVD’s, being a reviewer, I am always interested in other reviewers thoughts. I may not agree with them, but I always learn something. The Under Review series takes a critical look at music powerhouses within a time frame, what were they doing, and where were they were headed? Some came out strong, only to crash and burn. I think the term ‘one hit wonders’ is what is used. Other musicians, like Van Morrison have lasted a lifetime, and with the wonders of the digital world, they will continue way past my lifetime.

Van Morrison was very much an anathema. He was not part of the Lonnie Donagan Skiffle crowd, neither was he a Folk Singer, what was he?

I think most are agreed that Van Morrison found a driving force in the R&B and Blues world. A style of music that in the 60’s was very much ‘cutting edge’ in England.

My wonderful wife Jan, who is an avid ‘country’ fan (I guess they dropped the western part) will suffer from apoplexy when she discovers that the huge hit Jimmy Buffet had with ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ was not only penned by Van Morrisin, but recorded and became a hit by him! In 1967 ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ hit the top 40 in the US.

This is powerful stuff, and I learned a lot from watching this DVD.

As we all know Van Morrison took the world by storm, but this look at his early life is wonderful stuff. You can get your own copy of Van Morrison – Under Review 1964-1974 from MVD.

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