Van der Valk Mysteries – Set Two is about a jaded Dutch detective Simon “Piet” van der Valk (Barry Foster) that solves crimes in the dark dens of Old Amsterdam. The series was shot mostly on location as its gritty drama revels in the vices and charms of its Dutch setting. It provides a distinctive backdrop for its hard-boiled mysteries and hard-drinking detective.

Van der Valk is an Amsterdam cop Commissaris that thrives on each new murder case. He isn’t a detective that likes to go by the book though. He prefers to go by his own instincts. His investigations seem to always lead him into all corners of the Dutch capital. It goes from the immigrant bars and low rented apartments areas to the boardrooms and deluxe hotels of the high and the mighty.

Van der Valk gets some assistance from an eager Inspector Johnny Kroon (Michael Latimer) and some indulgence from his ever-supportive French wife Arlette (Susan Travers). There has never been a question about his devotion to his job, even though he is more than likely to be found in a pub. Van der Valk is known to go through many lengths in which he will go in his headlong pursuit to catch a killer.

On one case Van der Valk suspects the wife of a man that had drowned after supposedly going on a night swim. The detective has many questions that he wants answered. Another one is where a Tractor factory explosion is nearly fatal and a barber is brutally beaten. Although it was two separate cases Van der Valk finds a connection between the two of them. A private eye’s body was found inside an apartment leaving Van der Valk to wonder if the man had been there to spy on someone and he wants to know who that someone would be. These are just examples of the cases. There are a lot more on this DVD set that are quite enjoyable to watch.

The DVD set includes 2 discs with a total of 7 episodes and the running time is approximately 353 minutes. It was inspired by the novels of Edgar Award-winning author Nicolas Freeling. It debuted in the UK in 1972 and aired for 5 seasons. It came to the US on public television in the 1990’s. This set will go on sale in the US on June 29, 2010.

If you are into detective stories full of mystery then you would enjoy Van der Valk Mysteries – Set Two. To get your own copy, just click on the Amazon icon above.

Jan Barrett

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