Enter The Danger Zone

OK so I am not much on Biker Chicks. I have known a few in my day but I have to admit I have never known any like in this movie.

We have a tough looking motorcycle riding ex-cop that ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, only he doesn’t know it yet. He ends up being kidnapped by a group of the meanest biker-chicks that you could ever imagine. All want some revenge against this man, Wade Olson one way or another for busting their boyfriends landing them in jail. Now the girls, which they call themselves “The Sisters of Mercy” want to make Olson pay for it.

They take Oslon deep in the desert where they think no one will hear screams or yelling or even gunshots if and when the time was right for it. They explain to Olson once they have him stripped to his underwear and socks that they want to kill him but they had a plan as to who the lucky one would be that could pull the trigger.

The one rule is that neither of the girls would be allowed to touch the man but they were able to use their own nude naughty brand of justice, along with their weapon of choice, sex! Each were allowed to strip standing over Olson after he was tied down on the ground with stakes, using their sexiest dance ever and the one that actually got an erection out of him was the winner. She would have the privilege of killing him.

I am not going to give the ending away here, but you can watch it yourself to find out if and how he gets out of this or if one of the girls actually win the contest.

To be honest this is not my kind of movie. I don’t enjoy watching a bunch of women having to use their bodies like this to get what they want but I am sure a lot of men would love to watch it. As for myself I am going to go hide this one so my husband doesn’t find it.

If you think you would like this DVD, Valley Of The Cycle Sluts, just click on the Amazon link above and order yourself a copy.

Jan Barrett



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