Tortoise vs. HareEveryone knows the infamous fable of the tortoise and the hare: how the quick-footed hare challenges the slower tortoise to a foot race, gains a monstrous lead and in an ill-fated decision falls asleep moments from the finish line only to have the tortoise overtake him while he sleeps. The obvious and ubiquitous moral of the story here – “slow and steady wins the race” - has long been a well-known idiom. But what happens after the race is over and the characters get back to their daily lives? Now Unstable Fables brings us the answer, moving the lives of these characters forward 15 years and examining the aftermath of an infamous race.

15 years after the fateful race, neighbors Walter J. Tortoise (Danny Glover)  and Murray Hare (Jay Leno) are still as competitive as ever, now even attempting to bring their respective children in on the competitive spirit. When Murray, now a used car salesman, hears about the Mt. Impossible Nature Adventure Race, he sees his chance to rechallenge Walter and win back the glory he lost in the original race. Unfortunately, this is a team race, and so the fathers drag their children (Butch Hare, a lovable science nerd voiced by Drake Bell and Crystal Tortoise, a dancing firecracker played by Keke Palmer) into the race as well. What follows is an hour of adventurous fun as each team attempts to make it to the finish line, with Team Hare going as fast as possible and Team Tortoise inching along repeating their mantra – “slow and steady wins the race.”

There are plenty of innovative visuals (terrain from jungle to desert to snow-capped mountains are traversed here) and the script by Tom Martin provides a healthy amount of clever humor that parents and kids alike will enjoy. The narrative is laid out cleverly, in the form of a reality television show with hosts narrating various parts of the race). In the end, everyone learns a lesson of love, acceptance and cooperation. The final outcome of the race manages to be a bit of a surprise, and luckily the journey is as much fun as the destination.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: An enjoyable retelling of a classic tale
Stay away if: Ever since Pixar took the stage, you’ve been spoiled by their animations

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