Amanda Voci (Jane Bunting) is a law student that receives an assignment from her criminology professor to find an unsolved murder case and try solving it. With the help of her friend she comes up with an unsolved murder case from 15 years earlier which happened right there on the same college campus that they are at. A young college student was killed at the door of the college dorm.

Amanda’s professor tells her he can’t accept the case she chose for her assignment, which makes her really curious as to why not. He tells her that Dean Voci would never allow the records to be unsealed, but since Amanda is the adopted daughter of the Dean she is sure she can convince him to let her have the records. When her father refuses to allow it, Amanda decides to stay on the case but just pretend to work on another case, which also is an unsolved case that happened on the same campus.

When Amanda starts questioning people that might know something about the case, people start disappearing and dying. When Amanda’s boyfriend becomes a victim she becomes more determined to solve this case, but she ends up uncovering a lot more than what she intended to. The truth is a lot closer than even Amanda expects it to be.

You can view the trailer for Unsolved below:

Unsolved Trailer #1 from Patrick Kirk on Vimeo.

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