Under The Hammer is now on DVD and it offers a revealing glimpse into a high stakes art world that celebrates profit nearly as much as artistic genius. The series is filled with lots of secrets and seduction seen through the lens of a popular London auction house, known as Klinsky’s.

Ben Glazier (Richard Wilson) and Maggie Perowne (Jan Francis)are in charge of the paintings department at Klinsky’s. Ben can never resist a good mystery whether it is identifying a potential masterpiece, tracking down a lost Dickens manuscript or pondering on how he can possibly catch Maggie’s attention.

Maggie on the other hand has her own ideas as she dabbles in her own workplace intrigue mostly in the likes of a dashing yet doggy wine expert, Nick Roper (Michael Siberry).

Maggie and Ben both share a profound passion for the art that they put under the hammer, even if the job means contending with professional competition, a cash-mad boss and the constant threat of fraud.

There are a total of seven different episodes in this series, each filled with mystery, romance, drama and even some humor.

1.    The Fatal Attribution
2.    Wonders in the Deep
3.    The Virgin of Vitebsk
4.    The Jolly Joker
5.    After Titian
6.    The Specter at the Feast
7.    Treasure Trove

Under the Hammer is a 2 disc set that has approximately 357 minutes run time. There is a bonus added of the biography of John Mortimer, who wrote the series. It has a list of a lot of top-notch guest stars including, John Gielgud, Emily Mortimer, Rosemary Harris, Hermione Norris and Ian Carmichael.

To get your copy of this DVD Set, Under the Hammer, just click on the Amazon link above. I don’t think you will regret it.

Jan Barrett

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