Klinsky’s, a well regarded auction house, paintings department is headed by Ben Glazier (Richardson) and Maggie Perowne (Jan Francis). Ben is one of those kinds of guys that just can’t seem to resist any kind of mystery, whether it is identifying a potential Titian masterpiece, tracking down a lost Dickens manuscript or even pondering how to catch attention from Maggie. Now Maggie is one that likes to dabble in her own workplace intrigue in the form of dashing yet dodgy wine expert Nick Roper.

The two however do share a profound passion for the art they put under the hammer, even if the job means contending with professional competition, a cash mad boss and the ever present threat of fraud. One part art caper, one part slow-burn romance, Under The Hammer provides a revealing glimpse into a world that celebrates profit nearly as much as artistic genius.

This DVD, Under The Hammer comes with 7 episodes on 2 discs that runs approximately 357 total. The 7 episodes are as follows:

Disc 1
1. The Fatal Attribution – Ben and Maggie get excited over the discovery of a possible 16th Century Bronzino but the owner had inherited it under suspicious circumstances.

2. Wonders In The Deep – The resident wine expert surprisingly stumbles upon a reserve of Chateau Petrus`61.

3. The Virgin of Vitebsk – Ben and Maggie explore the possibility of opening an auction house when they visit Moscow.

4. The Jolly Joker – The chairman of Kilnsky’s buys a piece from a modern painter but Ben has his doubts that the piece is all that it should be.

Disc 2

5. After Titian – A bidder from a New York branch of Klinsky’s dies mysteriously which makes Ben suspect that the man’s death has something to do with a rare Titian masterwork.

6. The Specter at the Feast – Ben becomes the prime suspect when a lost manuscript that might have an unpublished story from Charles Dickens presents a tantalizing prospect.

7. Treasure Trove – The head of Klinsky’s antiquities department causes trouble for Maggie but it seems it is nothing compared to her personal life. She finds herself having to decide on where her heart actually lies… with the dashing wine expert, her career ot a certain third party.

The guest stars in this DVD series include John Gielgud, Emily Mortimer, Rosemary Harris, Hermione Norris and Ian Carmichael. It comes with a bonus package with a biography of the writer, John Mortimer.

If you would like a copy of  Under The Hammer you can order a copy of it from Amazon by clicking on the link above.

Jan Barrett

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