If you enjoy TV shows like Law & Order then you would like Trial & Retribution, Set 5. It is a long running British detective series that follows cases beginning with the crime, then takes you on to the police bringing evidence into the forensic labs for answers to solve their cases.

We have DCS Michael Walker (David Hayman) and DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit) investigating the top stories hitting the news. The four feature-length episodes in this set cover a man possibly being convicted of murder to a Ukrainian billionaire that seems to be untouchable.

The four episodes each come in two parts:

1.    The Rules of the Game – A high priced call girl is found nude and her body stuffed inside a trunk. The girl had been strangled to death. One detective suspects the Ukrainian billionaire while the other suspects someone else which causes the case to become messy.

2.    Kill The King – A friend of Walker’s, who is a famous pediatric surgeon, is murdered. During the investigation it comes out that the doctor had recently taken out a restraining order on the father of a little girl that was under his care, making the man a suspect but then he disappears. As the investigation continues, more dark secrets come out about the doctor.

3.     Conviction – A man that was in prison maintains his innocence even after he was released from jail, although the father of the alleged victim ends up wounding the ex-con in his attempt to get revenge. As Walker and Connor are put on the 12 year old crime case they come up with facts that could make someone else a suspect.

4.    The Box – Walker finds a connection between two cases that he is investigating. One is the disappearance of an old friend’s sister. The other of the disappearance of a woman’s daughter. Records show both women were married to the same man at different times. A diary written by one of the women points to someone else as a suspect but the authenticity of the diary is in question.

This crime series has warnings of disturbing images, nudity and language, but the storyline will keep you in suspense. If you enjoy crime shows this could be one for you. Trial and Retribution Set 5 comes with 2 discs with the four feature length episodes. The approximate airtime totals to about 368 minutes.

You can get your own copy of Trial & Retribution, Set 5 by clicking on the Amazon link above  to pre-order a copy. It goes on sale on June 19, 2012.

Jan Barrett

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