The Boston Globe calls this DVD Set “A British Spin on the Law & Order format.” This 3 DVD set reveals the complex motives and machinations of the police, the accused and the attorneys in each drama that traces a crime from commission to courtroom. They never lose sight of the victims and their families, compassionately showing the scars left as a consequence of crime.

We have DCS Mike Walker (David Hayman) and DCI Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit) as two former rivals who share a fanatical devotion to their profession.

There are three different cases included in Trial & Retribution Set 4.

On disc one, we have Paradise Lost. This involved the brutal rape and murder of a white schoolteacher which becomes complicated by racial tensions. They find the teacher had a black boyfriend who happens to have a criminal record and a feeble alibi and the forensic evidence seems damning. The question is has unconscious racism distorted Connors view of the facts here.

On the next disc called Curriculum Vitae we have the tragic death of an 18- month old toddler whose mother, Suzy MacDonald finds dead in her crib when she returned home from a business trip. Connor and Walker seem to be pointing their suspicions on the Nanny that had been recently hired who has vanished with the child’s mother’s car that appears to be good at covering her tracks.

On disc three, Mirror Image they have to deal with the murder of a politically prominent couple in their own home. Since there was a small fortune of missing jewels at the murder scene, it is suggested as a botched up burglary. The victims were a police commander and his magistrate wife, which only adds more pressure on Connor and Walker to find the one responsible for their deaths. All evidence seems to aim at the couple’s son even though he seems to have an airtight alibi.

Trial & Retribution Set 4 set goes on sale on June 15, 2010 and in total it runs approximately 408 minutes. To get your copy you can click on the Amazon icon above. If you enjoy crime shows then you should enjoy this one.

Jan Barrett

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