I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the Travel With Kids series. I watched the Travel With Kids – New York DVD and thought it was really well done.

Well, Travel With Kids – Ireland
is an even better DVD!

I can understand what the film makers are trying to do, which is to demystify the age old problem of how to have a fun vacation when you have a couple of small children in tow.Unfortunately by the title alone they will miss a huge segment of people who would really enjoy this series. You don’t have to be travelling with two toddlers to really get a great deal out of this series.

The videography is stunning. You get a real feel for the places that the intrepid Roberts family visit. Many travelogue type DVD’s contain wonderful ideas of places to visit, most though are far outside of the realms of reality for all but the fittest ex Green Beret! Travel With Kids takes a different approach, there are so many wonderful sights, sounds, and experiences that can be found without the assistance of Sherpa Tensing.

Ireland is a country that has certainly seen its fair share of conflict, and its history is rich and bountiful.

Travel With Kids – Ireland, in fact the entire series, contains really good and really practical advice. It is not a guide on how to survive on $10 a day, nor is it a guide to the most exotic (read expensive) ways that a tourist can lighten their wallets. It is much more about value, a family of four can have the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

This episode features Dublin, Killarney, and Dingle. It also explores the countryside around these cities and delves into some of Ireland’s rich history. From music to food, from staying in a real castle, to visiting the Guinness brewery, you have it all!

I think one of the great values in the Travel With Kids series is that prior to a vacation you can get an idea of some things to do while you are there. Many people say, oh I never plan a vacation, I just see where it leads me. That is a sure fire way to miss out on something that may just make the difference between a vacation and something that is remembered for years to come.

I give full marks to Travel With Kids – Ireland, and even if you are not planning a trip soon, watch it and vacation vicariously. You can order your copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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