This started life as a book, a 600 page guide for bands on the road. To quote Martin Atkins in the opening sequence “You don’t need no F’ing record label to tour”.

This is your basic ‘how to survive’ guide for bands. Touring is a toll taking adventure, that’s for sure. Martin explains his own theories about the best way to approach it. These theories include the ‘Five Pointed Star’. If you are going to play a city, select 5 nearby towns and go do some PR. Get as many email addresses as you can, and close to the show date, email everyone on your list.

This is a bit of a niche DVD, but certainly one that every small band should watch. Touring is brutal, living out of a suitcase is no fun. I have a friend, he is not a musician, he is a Stand Up Comic, he went on the road for 110 weeks straight. Over two years of hotels, motels, and flop houses. Needless to say, he has now got out of the business.

Tour Smart is a curious DVD, it may not have mass appeal, but it certainly has some very interesting ideas in it.

You can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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