Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion is a critically acclaimed science reality show that has been shown in the UK since 1994. It is now available on DVD here in the United States. Along with an eclectic band of historians and experts, we have presenter Tony Robinson traveling across Britain to unearth secrets from the era of the Roman occupation.

The Time Team, made up of archaeologists, historians, surveyors, geophysicists and other experts go along with Robinson as he sifts through evidence and using all their knowledge to piece together the past.

The Time Team works at sites from the era of the Roman occupation in the first centuries CE.

There are 3 discs in the set bringing all 12 episodes which are:

Disc 1
Episode 1 – Tockenham
A Pagan-looking statue embedded in the wall of the village’s medieval church and it is a mystery about how or why it is there since there are no other Roman remains in the area.

Episode 2 – Birdsowald Exhumation
The Time Team are hoping to find a Roman military cemetery at the UNESCO  World Heritage site.

Episode 3 – Greenwich
A clump of stones cemented together labeled” Roman Remains” found in London’s Greenwich Park becomes a mystery

Episode 4 – Ancaster
The Team investigates why the Romans built a huge defensive wall around the town of Ancaster 400 years ago.

Disc 2
Episode 5 – Alfoldean
The mystery here is a town called Alfoldean, that was once a thriving village that even had an inn where traveling government officials visited was suddenly abandoned and the Time Team is there to find out why.

Episode 6 – Binchester
Binchester is the site of a huge Roman Fort in Northern Britain and the civilian settlement in the surrounding area depended on the fort. Up until now, this has been completely ignored by archaeologists.

Episode 7 – Wickenby
Hundreds of artifacts and ample evidence of Roman activity has been found in a muddy field at Wickenby. The mystery here is that there is no record of any Roman settlement nearby. The Time Team is curious as to what the Romans were even doing there.

Episode 8 – Coberley Villa
An entire complex of Roman buildings that dominated the landscape for centuries lies beneath a Cotswold field. The fact that the Romans were there and what they were doing there is a mystery that the Time Team want to solve.

Disc 3
Episode 9 – Friars Wash
The Time Team believes they have Roman-British temples in their sight at Friars Wash in Hertfordshire. They are so far the only buildings they have eluded over the years.

Episode 10 – Caerwent
Now in south Wales, Caerwent  is the best preserved Roman town in Britain. Although the site has been searched by archaeologists there are still parts that have not been explored. The Time Team gets in invitation to explore that area.

Episode 11 – Cunetio
A Roman settlement that was lost for 2,000 years located on the edge of a Wiltshire wheat field. It turns out to be the team’s largest investigation as it tries to figure out how it disappeared completely.

Episode 12 – High Ham
There is strong evidence that a Roman villa is beneath a Somerset field, when two mosaics are found. The problem is that the field is in the middle of a British army firing range so the archaeologists haven’t been able to search it.

Bonus features that come with this DVD set is a 16-page viewer’s guide with a map of Roman Britain and articles on Britain before the Romans, the history of Britannia, the Roman roots of London and York, Hadrian’s Wall and the Anglo-Saxon invasion and  biographies of the Time Team.

Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion is a 3-Vol boxed set with the 12 episodes that total air time is approximately 582 minutes. If you would like your own copy of this set, just click on the Amazon link above. You just might enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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